Nov. 28, 2001

Hot Actor: Sean Biggerstaff   
So, with all of the ruckus about Harry Potter, which young actor is the film's breakout star? It's not who you think. We have been getting a number of searches for Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays Harry. But we've been getting even more for a young, previously unknown actor named Sean Biggerstaff, who portrays Harry's Quidditch teammate Oliver Wood. Last week, Biggerstaff got 76 percent more searches than Radcliffe. He received more searches than many other teen-oriented celebrities, including the group O-Town and Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar. One of the things we've learned doing the Lycos 50 is that there are a lot more teenage girls using the Internet than you might think. Searches for things like prom dresses and Josh Hartnett are indicators of that. The young females seem to have decided that Biggerstaff, not Radcliffe, is the magical young man of their dreams. Check this picture out and you'll see what we mean. The boy is serious Tiger Beat material. Here's another page of pictures. Biggerstaff is 18 years old, born in Scotland. He appeared in local Scottish theatre until Alan Rickman spotted him and offered him a role in his film The Winter Guest. That's the only film Biggerstaff had appeared in before Harry Potter, but Rickman (who plays Professor Snape) recommended him to the Harry Potter folks.