16 Magazine November 2001

How did you get into acting?
I started out in a local drama group when I was seven. I auditioned for Macbeth when I was ten and worked for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Tell us about your character.
He's very sporty, slightly eccentric and very passionate about Quidditch. Wanting to win the Quidditch House Cup is like the Holy Grail for him.

Are you anything like him?
I can relate to the desire to win, but I'm not as competitive. Oliver's got more of a "winning is everything" attitude. And he's a bit more of an oddball than I am.

Did you get along with the other kids on the set?
They were great. There was a surprisingly low brat-factor. Daniel (Radcliffe, who plays Harry) is fantastic and very smart. He's got his head well screwed on.

What magical power would you like to have?
I've always wanted to be able to fly. I used to watch Superman movies and I thought that was the coolest thing.

Is there anything you want our readers to know about you?
I'm devilishly good-looking and single!