USA-Weekend February 17, 2002

Please write about "Harry Potter" actor Sean Biggerstaff, who plays Gryffindor Quidditch captain Oliver Wood. I'm 14 and a little obsessed with Harry, but Biggerstaff is very good and gets no attention.

Liz Gottmer, Cincinnati

You're not the only reader to notice the very handsome Biggerstaff, Liz. In fact, his London-based representative tells us his young client gets a ton of fan mail. Unfortunately, he couldn't say whether it is, as I suspect, all from girls. Biggerstaff, who turns 19 next month, doesn't like to talk about his family much, but he still lives in Glasgow, his hometown in Scotland, plays guitar, is a fan of the British band the Cling and is finished with secondary school. He's had roles in theater, but "The Winter Guest" with Alan Rickman in 1997 was his first movie. Rickman, who plays Professor Snape in Harry Potter, liked Biggerstaff so much he recommended that the younger actor try out for the movie. Both are in the sequel, too, shooting now for November release.