MEG Magazine (Must Have for Every Girl) Jan/Feb 2002 

Where you've seen him: 
This 18 year-old cutie was Oliver Wood in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. As the hunky Quidditch Captian, Sean seemed to catch every single girl's attention as soon as his face appeared on the screen! He's also been seen in the movie "The Winter Guest" where he starred with Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. 
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What's he up to in 2002: 
This Glasgow native has been enjoying the spotlight after "Harry Potter" hit our screens, and now all his fans can see him again and swoon over him in the next one, which he's already begun filming! Looks like his fans have something to look forward to! 

Did you know that: 
Sean got his big break thanks to "Harry Potter" co-star Alan Rickman? Rickman, who plays Snape, secured an agent for Sean in London. They were sufficiently impressed with the Scottish lad's abilities that Sean was soon cast in "Guest". It looks like Sean's following Ewan McGregor's hunky footsteps!