Sunday Mail November 25, 2001

Scots Star Family's Fame Fear

THE father of Scots Harry Potter star Sean Biggerstaff fears his family will suffer because of Pottermania. 

Sean, 18, plays Quidditch team captain Oliver Wood in the hit film but his dad Derek is worried about the effects of fame, particularly on his 14-months-old daughter Jenny. 

Derek, of Maryhill, Glasgow, said: "She's not going to grow up in the world Sean did. Jenny will grow up with fame in the family from the word go and I don't know what that's all about."

 Despite his worries, proud dad Derek is delighted with Sean's performance and says it reminds him of another Scottish superstar. 

He said: "He came across like Sean Connery, but I wasn't surprised. I've always thought he was talented actor. He started when he was seven and since day one, he's known that's what he wants to do." 

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