The Sun  November 2001

Sean's Bigg! 

Scots Harry Potter star Sean Biggerstaff has revealed how he swapped the broom for the bus. The 18-year-old from Maryhill in Glasgow, is one of the surprise hits of the box-office blockbuster as hunky Gryffindor Quidditch team captain Oliver Wood. 

Millions of fans have seen him giving Harry instructions on how to fly his magic broomstick - the racy Nimbus 2000-in the Philosopher's Stone. But Sean admits it was straight back down to earth when the cameras stopped rolling as he still has to hop aboard the public transport. He said, "Like most people, I've always taken the bus and I didn't think that would change just because I'm in a hit film". 

"But I must confess that this week things have started to get a bit strange." 

"When I jumped on the bus the other day, a gang of school kids immediately recognised me. They were pointing and shouting 'look, it's him, it's him- the guy from Harry Potter'. 

"But they couldn't have been nicer so I won't be changing the habit of a lifetime." 

Despite his low-key approach to fame, Sean knows his life is about to change forever. The young actor - currently filming the second Potter flick, The Secret Chamber - said, "Obviously I have a bit of money now and I won't have to worry about cash for a few years. 

"I haven't bought anything extravagant yet but I'm thinking about getting my own house. I still stay with my parents in Maryhill but they could be doing with a bit more room. "My wee sister Jenny is only 14 months old, but she's getting bigger all the time and Mum and Dad could be doing with my bedroom back." 

"But I won't be going too far. I'll be staying in Scotland because I don't fancy London.

" Following the incredible success of the first Potter movie, trendy showbiz magazine Heat has already declared Sean as one of the screen hunks of the year. There are even fan websites springing up on the internet dedicated to the rising star. But Biggerstaff laughs off his sex symbol tag. He shrugged, "I can't see what all the fuss is about and I've not suddenly had girls falling all over me. Let's face it, if you are in a big movie and don't exactly look like Quasimodo, you are always going to get that kind of attention from the press. "I don't have a girlfriend at the moment and I wouldn't be interested in the type that wanted to date you just because you are in a successful film." 

Sean was back in Glasgow yesterday to plug Tartan Smalls, a talent hunt by BBC Scotland, who want people from all walks of life to send in scripts and ideas for kids' TV shows. He was joined by Monarch of the Glen star Dawn Steele, sexy children's TV hosts Ashly and Tiffany Mulheron and Stacey Stone actress Lorna Craig. But a gaggle of schoolkids only had eyes for the man from Harry Potter - and mobbed startled Sean for autographs. Sean was put up for the movie role by acting mentor Alan Rickman - who plays evil Professor Snape in Harry Potter - after they worked together in the 1998 flick The Winter Guest. However Sean revealed he originally auditioned to play ginger-haired, freckle-faced prefect Percy Weasley. He explained, "The first time I was called for a role, it was for Percy. I would have had to dye my hair ginger, wear specs and ham it up as an upper-class toff. I would have been happy to do that, but I was told I would be more suited as Oliver Wood, so I looked at it and agreed." 

Sean has seen the Philosopher's Stone four times now - and reckons it lives up to the hype. He said, "I knew it would be a big film, but it is only in the last week that it is sinking in just how huge it is. Before I saw it for the first time I was nervous as I had no idea how it had all worked out. I wasn't disappointed. What was wanted of it was to be an honest and exciting portrayal of the book and that's what it is. There would have been nothing worse than being part of one of the biggest time of all time - and it was rotten." 

Details of the second Potter movie are cloaked in mystery, but Sean let slip that the sequel will be even more hair-raising than it's predecessor. He said, "Next time round I won't be as nice to Harry. Oliver makes his life a misery as he is obsessed with winning the Quidditch Cup before he leaves school." He added, "The Secret Chamber is a lot scarier and darker than the Philosopher's Stone, along with the millions of other film fans I can't wait to see what it looks like." 

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