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When the Sean Biggerstaff Message Board was only a few months old, UniBadAss, or the United Badgers Association, was formed.  It began as a random thought, fun idea, and slowly we developed into a group of people with a language, newspaper (see below), Big Badger program, and much more.  We take pride in making new friends from across the globe; that's what we're all about. (Alex K.)

The aim of this site is to let us see who we're talking to and where they're from. if you don't have  a pic of yourselves send me a pic of anything, a  lemon. a man in a kilt. whatever, but get yourself on the map!! Lisa xx





sean painting 1.jpg (23652 bytes)

Jillian Morris, 21, Minnesota USA

Badger.jpg (9334 bytes)

Kelly, 16, Florida USA

sean draw.jpg (55627 bytes)

Jillian Morris, 21, Minnesota USA


oliverdrawing.jpg (42955 bytes)

Megan Niessink

ydraw2.gif (225831 bytes)

Yumi N., 17, Brazil

Lindsay.jpg (11774 bytes)

Lindsay 14

Rock.jpg (23715 bytes)

Elizabeth 16, Arkansas, USA


Guitar.jpg (12474 bytes)

Mary, 15, California

Drawn by Pip

Melis, 16, Toronto, Canada

oliver.jpg (65694 bytes)

Kiera Connell,16, Australia

SeanQuidditchVector.png (33375 bytes)


Annie, Orlando, Florida

Oliverbunt.jpg (62287 bytes)

Sari, 20, Germany

SBigg.jpg (173669 bytes)

Skyler Sage, 18, Connecticut, USA

seanus.jpg (64604 bytes)

Kaleigh R., Canada

seanasWOOD.jpg (323982 bytes)

Karnmanee T, 16, Thailand

Titsy.JPG (9556 bytes)

Titsy McLure, 19, CA, USA

picture.jpg (9575 bytes)

Kittie, 13

Lauren, 13, SC, USA

Her vision of a Portuch

PastaSean.jpg (23282 bytes)

Alix, 16, SC, USA

Pasta a la Sean

Karina.JPG (16991 bytes)

Karina, Argentina

SeanGene.jpg (18269 bytes)

Genevieve S.,14,Ohio,USA


SeanLion.jpg (9225 bytes)

Cheryl,13, IL,USA

seanDan.jpg (19833 bytes)

Danielle, 17, Scotland

SeanPen.jpg (23312 bytes)

Chantal C.,Port ALberni, BC, Canada

Sb.jpg (14017 bytes)

Sean as he would appear in Southpark

Steph B.

SeanHP4.jpg (209293 bytes)

Chantal Chamberlain, B.C. Canada

seanus.gif (106476 bytes)

Rachel Hurst, 21

Chicago, Il, USA

Anna.JPG (27921 bytes)

Anna J.

Nantes, France

Klepto Sean.jpg (32950 bytes)

Kelly & Penny & Alex & Emily & Annie & Margo & Kristen Various Locations

Pic by Kirsten J. 15 USA

Liz, Hampshire, UK

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seanb.JPG (15162 bytes)


SeanDoll.jpg (116617 bytes)


Sean Video by Chelsea

(Smaller file of video sent to us by Chelsea, blurrier then the original as file size was too large for downloading from site)

SEANUS2.jpg (18052 bytes)

Clone, 15, Malaysia

OliverWood.jpg (38464 bytes)

Sandra, Careyes, Mexico

socktheif.jpg (15223 bytes)

June aka Sock Thief, Australia

seankat.jpg (10791 bytes)

Kat Harper

SeanSid.jpg (24535 bytes)


Navami S.  15 Sri Lanka