Sean's Favourite Links

Badgers (Sean's fascination with them has yet to be explained)

Manband (One of Sean's favourite guitar players is Micky Jones)

Neil Finn (Former member of Split Enz and Crowded House)

Aerosmith (Better than ever)

The Groundhogs (Great 70's Band that still tours)

Blink-182 (This is a fantastic band)

Red Hot Chili Peppers (Click away, click away, click away now)

Richard Thompson (He's one of Sean's favourite songwriters/guitarists.)

Douglas Adams (Deceased writer of Sean's favourite book)

James and Oliver  Phelps (One of the Weasley twins)

The Krankies (They are Fandabidozi)

Internet Movie Database (Has info on everyone in movies)

Chris Whitley (singer/songwriter/guitarist)

Sean Ellis (Photographer/Filmmaker)