"Getting to know Sean"  September 2003

These questions were gathered from a live session of "Questions for Sean" on September 23, 2003

1. Lorena, Texas, USA 
Sean what are your likes and dislikes of being famous?
A.  I don't like being famous, I love the work and I like the money.  The fame just comes with it.
2 TJ, Florida, USA
   Q.  How did it feel to see yourself defy gravity on the bigscreen?
A.  Have to think about that one.
3. Erin, Boston, USA
   Q.  I swear I read somewhere that at some point you liked the Band Extreme. My cousin Pat Badger from that band and I have been searching where I read it and am wondering if it is true?
A. If you are for real then that's damn cool and I do indeed. Extreme were truly superb and one of the most misunderstood bands
4. Emily, Maine, USA   
    Q.   Do you plan to do any more big Hollywood movies like Harry Potter was?
A.  It's not so much the matter of me planning it as me being lucky enough to be asked to get involved. I am already ahead of the game being part of Harry Potter. I don't have any bad feelings toward big commercial projects unlike a lot of actors (maybe that will come with experience).  
5. Claire, USA
What is your position on file-sharing?
A.  The only difference between downloading an album and walking in to a record shop and stealing it is two cents worth of plastic. I am not into Metallica but they have a point.
6. Tessa, Toronto, Canada  
   Q.  Are you enjoying time in Toronto and do you remember the blonde that greeted you today?
A. Yes and Yes. I have been to Toronto many times and I never fail to have a ball. I find Canadians very easy to get with. You never told me your name today, now I know what it is.
7. Anne, Baltimore, USA
How do you feel about 230+ people staying up into wee hours of the morning just to talk to you?
A.  When Diane suggested it this morning we never imagined this many would show up.  
8. Rita, California, USA 
   Q.  If you were to be compared to to any flavor of ice cream depending on your personality, what would it be and why?
A.  Hi Rita, "What kind of dining set defines me as a person?" spot the quote.  
9. Brandon, New York, USA    
What about if you were to be called back to another HP movie if your appeared in future HP books, would you accept or deny?
 A.  Hey Brandon - It would completely depend on the circumstances at the time, what the part entailed and who was involved in making the film. In the case of the current crew, I would love the chance to work with them again.
10. Jodee, PA, USA
What was the last song you learned on your guitar?
A.  The last song was phone call from Leavenworth by Chris Whitley.
11. Joco, Manila, Philippines
What basic health and beauty products are you using to maintain your skin?
A.  Joco - I rub cheese on my face every morning.
12. Sarah, Asia
Would you consider goin back to school? if yes, what would be your major?
A.  No no no, no no no no no.
13. Tessa, Indiana, USA
What is your favorite Cartoon [strip] and why?
A.  Calvin and Hobbes without a doubt. Genius upon genius. Bill Watterson is so funny it hurts.
14. Leia, California, USA
     Q.  Have you ever tried Peach Soda? If you have, do you like it?
A.  No, I have never tried Peach Soda but yes I like it.
15. Eliana, Texas, USA
    Q.  Do you enjoy Red Dwarf? If so, are you also anticipating the movie?
A.  I have been waiting for the movie for years. I loved the show, I just hope the film lives up to it.
16. Tonya, Louisiana, USA
Has been pretty sick lately and she would really like to get a 'hi' from you.
A.  Hi Tonya, hope your feeling better soon.
17. Tina Marie, North Carolina, USA
    Q.  What's your favorite part of America to visit?
A.  I have only ever been to New York for a few days so I really can't comment on it as yet. Although I am going to Los Angeles this week so I am keen to see what I make of it.
18. Lauren, London, Ontario, Canada
    Q.  Sean you ever been thwaped? well now you have ::thwap::
A.  I have been thwaped on many occasions and will continue to receive such thwaping regularly.
19. Jacklyn, Pennsylvania, USA  
    Q.  Out of all the magical items in Harry Potter (invisibility cloak, Marauder's Map, broomstick, etc.) what is the one thing you wish you could really use?
A.  They would all be dangerous amounts of fun but I think flying takes the cake. Flying while invisible could be a laugh.
20. Morgan and Robin, Indiana, USA
    Q.  What is Daniel Radcliffe like behind the scenes?
A.  People always ask me if Daniel is a little brat. They seem to be expecting me to say yes. The truth is that Dan is one of my favourite people.
21. Klo, England
    Q.  Sean, do you type with one finger?
A.  You're supposed to use your fingers? Dammit!
22. Norma, Florida, USA
    Q.  Sean, do you think the Scottish janitor from the Simpson's does justice to your culture?
A.  Well no but The Simpson's lampoon everyone especially Americans so I am hardly about to get offended. Anyway it doesn't matter if it is accurate. It's funny!
23. Erica, Georgia, USA
    Q.  I read about a year ago that you had just finished "Breakfast of Champions" by Kurt Vonnegut, one of my personal favorite authors. I was wondering if you had read anything else by him, and if so, what you thought?
A.  I read "Slaughter House 5" on Deke Leonards recommendation and loved it. I have meant to read more of his stuff for a while.
24. Danii, Colorado, USA
    Q.  As a science nerd, are you familiar with the groundbreaking research of Doctors McLure and Vagabond?
A.  Yes I am. I thought Dr. McLure's book "How to Extrapolate the Universe from a Fistful of Funk" was particularly thought provoking.
25. Pavi, Toronto, Canada
    Q.  How do you modify your acting from on the stage to behind the camera?
A.  Still working on it. On the most basic level stage acting involves being larger than life in terms of your voice movement (facial expressions, etc.), whereas with a camera in your face everything has to get toned down. However this is an overly simple way of describing it. It is not even like I have mastered it yet.