"Getting to know Sean"  November 2003

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board in the "Questions for Sean" Conference.

1. Chelsea Williams, Texas, USA  
    Q.  I already asked it earlier on the board, but I honestly want it answered: How often do you wear a kilt? It's just a fact that I'd like to know... I'm strange... I like my men in kilts...
A.  Of course you like men in kilts. What’s not to like.  I wear it as often as I get the chance. No more, no less.
2 Ashley J.  USA  
   Q.  I really hope this isn't true. I read on some other web site that you, Sean Biggerstaff, doesn't like us Americans. Is that true?! :(
A.  Sean has already answered this one so here you go...  My dad informed me
that someone posted a message the other day asking why I hate America. I don't. I adore America but that doesn't make them above being the butt of a joke occasionally. If anything I'm more likely to take the mick out of somewhere that I like. I'm hardly going to start being genuinely racist in public, even if I did think that way, am I? Just like everywhere else, America ain't perfect but they do make some great films.
3. Uniformed Opinion, USA  
   Q.  If one Siamese twin commits a crime without the assistance or consent of the other, do they both go to jail?
A. Tuesday
4. Kirsten, California, USA    
    Q.   So where exactly did you visit in LA county? Meaning what cities, places (other then Warner Bros.) Oh yeah, next time come to Orange county, I'll shut up now.
A.  My cousin lives in Orange County. He designs heart valves. Very much the brains in the family. I was in Hollywood mostly, though I did take in Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Burbank and Beverly Hills on my travels. I spent an afternoon at lake Arrowhead as well.
5. Mary B. Albertville, AL *The Fire-Hydrant Capital of the World*  
   Q.   Are you a fan of Eddie Izzard? I think he's a comic genius. Just wondering.
A.  I absolutely adore him. I’m going to see him soon.
“Oh, look. It’s a badger with a gun, do you see? I’m sure he’s going to kill everyone.”
6. Heather T, Yukon, OK, USA  
   Q.  Sean, do you believe in ghosts?
A. Ah...if there’s a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe anything you say.
7. Emma  Balloch, Scotland  
    Q.  Would you ever be willing to sell one of your guitars?....to me perhaps? ; )
A.  I dunno. Make me an offer.
8. Raychel/Rosie  Long Beach, NY USA     
   Q.  What's you're fave Red Hot Chili Peppers song and which ones can you play on
A.  At the moment my favourite is probably “Purple Stain”. I can play an awful lot of them on guitar.
9. Rayneseraphyn P. Australia
   Q. Would you choose to

a) Spend a day at a boyband concert (like N sync) surrounded by teeny bopper

b) Spend the day with your portuchy fans asking you repeatedly what kind of
girl you want to date? Boxers or briefs? and getting invites to formals and
marriage proposals.

c) Spend the day in a war zone.

d) Spend the day serving as your proper role as butler to the members of
this board in a beach in UniBadass?
 A.  A. Providing I had a gun.
10. Chelsea B. Canada  
    Q. What is your favourite show you ever preformed in Theater?
A.  Toss up between “Two weeks with the Queen” and “MacBeth”.
11. Maggie V-B   USA
    Q. Who's your fav Beatle? (alive or dead) and actor in Ghost Busters?
A.  Macca, all the way. He is the greatest artist ever. Praise him.
Bill Murray. Speaking of which, everyone should go see “Lost in Translation”.
12. ME, Las Vegas, USA  
     Q.  Well...let me think. Alright here we go. Would a "fly" be called a "walk" if it had no wings? Oh and can I ask this one also....When are you coming to visit Las Vegas, Nevada?
A.  Vegas? Sin City? As soon as possible!
A fly would more likely be called a squelch if it had no wings.
13. Crystal D.  Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada
    Q.  Hey Sean! So I grew up with family in both Scotland and Canada too (I got to live in
Canada) I've tried to find differences over the years and have only found this... they're exactly the same but when I pissed them off, the language changed slightly ("Little bugger" versus "Little sh*t")  So my question, what do you find is the biggest difference between your families?
A.  Canadians are also nicer, for the most part. I don’t say this to put Scotland down. Canadians are nicer than everyone else.  Well, my family in Canada were mostly born and raised in Scotland so not much.
14. Natalie Moreno Valley, CA  
     Q.  Who are Murray and Audree? I asked this in GD but they said I would be better off asking Sean. If this doesn't get answered I will be forced to believe that they are Paul's imaginary friends.
A.  They are the fairy folk.
15. Alex K. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Q.  When you returned from your LA trip, you updated about visiting some sets at Warner Brothers. Which sets did you get to see? Did you get to meet any actors, from say, ER (my fav show)?
A.  No, but I stood at the front door of the hospital. I love that show too. It was great actually. We (myself and Diane) went round the whole lot, got a warm reception at the Warner Bros. Museum which, these days, is almost entirely devoted to Harry Potter, saw the sets for "West Wing" and "The Drew Carey Show" and the following week I went back with a few friends to see "Friends" being recorded. Sweet. I also got some "E.R." merchandise hospital scrubs. Sad, I know.
16. TV, Fort Collins, CO, USA
    Q.  Do you ever walk around town with headphones and pretend you're in a music video?
A.  Constantly. That’s what life is, isn’t it?
17. Amanda Shiawassee, Michigan USA     
    Q.  What guitar do you prefer? Personally, Gibsons are the only way to go for me, it's more then likely all in my head, but I think I get a better quality sound out of them then any others.
A. You’re dreaming. Buy a Strat or a Tele and start learning.
18. Jenna P, Texas <<<--- works at a theater  
    Q.  What's the last show you saw in the theater?  Do you have to have coke and popcorn when you go to the movies? Rasinets perhaps?
A.  The Singing Detective. It ruled.  Usually an ice cream.
19. MIM  NJ, USA  
    Q.  So. Are we going to get commentary about these pictures or are you going to allow our despicable imaginations run wild with some of them.  The dark pic with the red streak is just pinging my imagination as well as who the hell is leaping off that ledge into the sea?
A.  They mean what you want them to mean, run wild.
20. Penny S., Canada  
    Q.  Is it possible to run in a parallel line?
A.  Relative to.......?
21. TV, Fort Collins, CO, USA  
    Q.  Do you "smoke" your Twizzlers?
A.  What the hell is a Twizzler? I don’t listen to hip hop.
22. Kayleigh, Cornwall , England   
    Q.  I am going to be a main character in a play in January. Have you got any good acting tips and for learning lines?
A.  I’m very lucky in this respect. They tend to stick in my head quite regularly. I think it’s an individual thing. Just figure out what works for you.
23. Cheri S. Merced, CA, USA
    Q.  I know you're not religious, but if you got to ask God one question, what would it be?
A.  What’s the deal with Airline food?
24. Amy, Riverside, CA  
    Q.  Thanks for telling us about Chris Whitley, I am now a fan of him! I was wondering what your favorite Chris Whitley songs are?  Which albums do you own?
A.  At the moment, I’m really into “New Machine”, in fact my telecaster is
constantly detuned to play it.  I have all of them.
25. Melissa A, Canada
   Q.  Maybe you can help me with this:

Why do all superheroes wear spandex? CAUSE THEY CAN.

Is Jerry Garcia grateful to be dead?  ASK HIM

If you don't pay your exorcist, do you get repossessed? NO, THEY SEND LESLIE

Who gets to keep the pennies in a wishing well? WHY, THE FAIRY FOLK OF

How come you can kill a deer and put it on your wall but it's illegal to

26. Tara Ohio, USA 
    Q.  Alright Sean, if you had a 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, what girl would you pull around behind?
A.  I would never have a Vincent Black Lightning or anything with such poor fuel
economy for that matter. Richard Thompson should think more carefully about
encouraging such irresponsible behavior. Goddam Englishman with his Kangol
hat and his... beard.
27. TV, Fort Collins, CO, USA
    Q. How long do you sit at your computer attempting to think up clever titles for your diary entries?
A.  Anything up to 3 hours. The entries themselves generally take around 15 seconds.
28. Chelsea J. 
I'm going to be in Scotland, and I was wondering if there's any certain place that I should definitely see while I'm there, any place you'd recommend?
A.  Glasgow is a great city. Edinburgh is very picturesque. If you want something quieter, I recommend you visit some of the coastal towns in Fife.  Elie is idyllic.