"Getting to know Sean"  May 2004

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board in the "Questions for Sean" Conference.

1. Amanda
    Q.  Over the summer i was visiting in London and I went to the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Piccadilly Circus. When I went into the restaurant, I spotted someone that looked just like you. I wasn't sure so I didn't say anything. And then that same night, I saw you again on the tube and you sat across from me along with your friends. You had been celebrating a birthday for a girl that was with you. So is there any chance that this was you? or someone that looked exactly like you?!
A.   No. I've never been to Planet Hollywood.
2 Ella L.  Columbia, MD, USA
   Q.  Sean, have you seen any Tarantino films? If so, which one did you enjoy the most and why?
A.  Pulp Fiction rules supreme. I saw Quentin Tarantino singing Karaoke once.
3. M.J.  Newfoundland, Canada 
   Q.  Are you in pursuit of the ultimate riff?
A. I found it. It's at the end of "Many Are Called But Few Get Up" by Man.
4.  Jenn F. Massachusetts, U.S.
    Q.   Hideo Sean, just wondering if u have a all time favorite quote from a movie? Mine would probably be from "The Godfather" or "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."
A.  "Listen!......You smell something?"
5. Liz C  Lyons, PA, USA
   Q.  Despite the cost of living, why does it remain so popular?
A.   I'm not so sure it is. 
6. Randi Woolsey  Sisquoc, CA, USA 
   Q.  Sean, If you had the ability to change something in the world, what would it be and why?
A. I would travel back in time and prevent "Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" from being written by any means necessary.
7. Anna J. Nantes Brittany, France
    Q. Hey Sean, what's your favourite song right now?
A.  'New Machine' by Chris Whitley  
8. Cassi aka Luna Lovegood 
   Q.  Would you rather play Ping Pong, Pool or Air Hockey?
A.  Pool.
9. Fionnuala W. Michigan, USA
  Q. Sean, would you be willing to obtain a piece of Anthony O'Donnell's hair and send it to me for my "Rockin' Hair" collection?  And no matter what anyone tells you, I am not creepy. I merely have a unique hobby.
 A.  That shouldn't be too hard to arrange. Leave you details with Diane and I'll FedEx that out to you ASAP. 
10. Melissa A.  Canaduh  
    Q. Hey Sean, the natural defenses of the opossum include: vomiting, emitting foul odors, and passing out to appear dead. When Diane threatens you with bodily harm what are your defenses?
A.  A right good slap.
11. Kevin S. age 8 Maine, USA
    Q. Dear sean, how are you? I wish I was In a band just like you. do you like kids? what is you're favorite color? Thank you.
A.   I wish I was in a band too. I'm not at the moment. I love kids, except when they annoy me. I think I'm gonna go with Lilac.
12.  Katie Sharpe, Indiana  
     Q.  I read somewhere before that you saw "Lord of the Rings The Two Towers" awhile ago, but I was wondering if you were a big Lord of the Rings fan?
A.   I loved the books and the first two movies. I wasn't so impressed with the third one.
I though the best thing about the series was Sean Bean as Boromir.
13. M. J.  Newfoundland, Canada 
    Q.  I have a question about acting, as I know nothing about the occupation, and I'm trying to get some insight into how it all works. When you are performing, whether it be on stage or screen, are you allowed to modify the lines in the script to reflect upon your own
speech patterns and behaviour, or must it strictly be what is set out in the script?  Would directors be more lenient about this with more experienced actors than beginners?
A.  It totally depends on the people involved. Some directors are stricter than others. Apparently American film actors tend to change things a lot.
14. Cynthia C. Iowa, USA
    Q.  Who is the single most interesting person in your family? (other than yourself)
A.  My uncle thought he was Saint Jerome.
15. Hannah A, Sweden
    Q.  If you could uninvent something, what would it be, and why?
A.  Mobile phones. I need one now 'cause the whole world seems to be based around them, but I'd rather not bother.
16. Natalya
    Q.  You like South Park, right? Well, so do I! What is your  favorite episode?
A.   I think the movie was the high point. It is one of the most genius films ever.
17. Gaby, Mexico 
    Q.  If your life could be any TV show  - which one would you want it to be?
A. Is it too obvious to say Baywatch?
18. Carol  Glasgow, Scotland 
    Q.  Sean what is your earliest memory?
A.  I have a faint recollection of doing my exams in 4th year.
19. Lindsay NJ, USA
    Q.  So, did you ever get that Extreme autograph?
A.  No, Dammit. Where is it?
20. Amy S, Australia 
    Q. What would you have to say to me  if I were to say that Man really weren't all that good, and that my Grandmother  could write better songs? You know, hypothetically.
A.  Many people have said similar things, and you'd deserve the same disdain.
21. Kat. J.  Kitchener, Ontario Canada
    Q.  What would you say is the best thing about Scotland?
A. The weather. Seriously though, Being on my bike at the top of the Trossachs on a nice day takes some beating.
22.  Alex McPherson  Seattle WA USA 
    Q.  Were you a  good kid in school? Meaning, did you keep your grades up, or were you the little  one standing in the corner.  What was your hardest year of school?
A.  I did really well for the first 11 years 'cause I found it so easy. The problem with that was that, come my final year, I was out of the habit of paying attention so I kinda under-achieved on my highers. I passed them, but I didn't exactly shower myself in glory.
23. Patty, Ohio, USA 
    Q.  Besides the obvious. Music,  Acting and the like. What other topics of conversation do you find yourself  getting the most passionate aboot? Come on now, I know there is more in there,  now give us the 411.  
A.  What the hell is the 411?
24. Penny S. Canada 
    Q.   So, are you excited to be playing the lead role in Cashback?  Have you started filming? Finished filming?  How is/was it being the lead?
A.  Absolutely. I loved the script right away, so I went to meet Sean Ellis
(writer/ director/ internationally renowned photographer) in London. He
showed me his first short movie, Left Turn, which was great, and asked me to
make him a tape of myself doing the narration for Cashback. I did so and
sent it off to him. I didn't hear anything for a few weeks then when I was
in Prague shooting Charles II I got a call from my agent to tell me that I'd
been offered the role and it was shooting the following week in London!
I flew from Prague to Glasgow, unpacked, slept, packed, flew to London and
we shot the film in three nights in Sainsbury's in Bethnal green. Japes were
had. Friends were made and then I flew back to Prague. I recorded the
narration in a studio in London a few months later and saw the final product
earlier this year. It was a big deal for me seeing the film as it was a)
Really Good. b) My first lead role on film and c) The first time I've
watched myself on camera and not hated myself. Good stuff all round.
Cashback should be appearing at some festivals this year, I'm not sure yet
if / when it will be shown on TV. Sean Ellis is one to watch out for. Talent
coming out his ears, he does.