"Getting to know Sean"  September 2004

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board.
1. Manda D. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  
    Q.  What's your favorite store to shop at?
A.  Wheelcraft. It's a bike shop. Serves good coffee.
2 Misty A., Seattle, WA, USA      
What is your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink?
A.  I like red wine. I'm not a connoisseur, that's just silly. Anything except Shiraz.
Coffee. I've always drank way too much coffee. Try to drink mostly decaf these days. It's tough though.
3. Alex McPherson Seattle, WA, USA     
   Q.  Are you a fan of cooking? Or are you the type of person who spoils the food you cook. Or are you a baker? That is the question.
A. I love cooking. I don't refer to recipes much. Just improvise with whatever is in the cupboard. Lot's of Pasta. Yes that's right. I love carbs.
4. Brandi California, USA     
    Q.   Hi Sean. I've officially decided to go to college in Glasgow. You had a 2% part of encouragement through your entertaining posts. Do you have any encouraging advise. My friends and family have been short on talking about it because they can't stand the idea of it being so far away. HELP.
A.  It's a great student town. Many of my friends are tax dodgers. Heh heh. If you are going to Glasgow University, you'll probably be based in the west end which is a fantastic area. I want to live there before too long. Go to Tchai Ovna if you like tea. Mother India if you like curry. I'm sure you'll love the city. Good luck with that.  
5. Lynn K  Gull Lake, Manitoba Canada   
Who in your opinion, is the worlds most under-credited musical genius? on the same note, who in your opinion, is the worlds most over-credited musical 'genius'?
A.  Micky Jones of Man!!!!!!!  Unrecognised only because his playing is beyond the understanding of most people.
Jeff Buckley. Horrible wobbly whining. I hate that his fans are so militant; You're not allowed to not like him. Bad music. 
6. Tammi G  Denver, CO, USA      
How did you enjoy your recent tour in America? Also, this reminds me.  What do you think of The Joshua Tree album?
A. Wasn't really a tour but good times were had. I saw Richard Thompson, The Finn Brothers twice and Sluts of Trust five times!!  I am not actually that familiar with the Joshua Tree. I think U2 are amazing at times but somewhat inconsistent. "Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me" was my favourite track by them.
7. Lindsay S NJ, USA
   Q.  A lot of actors (Drew Barrymore, Charlie Chaplin, Garry Marshall, and Zach Braff, just to name a few) have made successful moves into directing, producing, writing, and other areas of film making. Do you ever see yourself doing this?
A.  I dunno. I'd like to in the long run but I'm not at all sure that I'd be good at any of those things. We can but try.
8. Jackie M Canada   
   Q.  Hi Sean. I was wondering where I could get a copy of Cashback. Since it is a short film I doubt it's on DVD or VHS but I could be wrong. I live in Canada so I don't know if they will show it on tv. If you could please help me with this I'd really appreciate it. And one more thing, when were you in Canada? I hope you liked it! If you are coming again when would that be? Thanks for your time.
A.  I'm in Canada right now! Love it!
Cashback isn't available anywhere right now. It's appearing in a few festivals this year. It will hopefully be sold to TV at some point but I have no information on this as yet. Lobby you're favourite TV network I say.  
9. Misty A., Seattle, WA, USA         
   Q. Have you ever had a job outside of acting? If so, what did you do?
 A.  Not really, no. Early days though. I'd kinda like to be a record producer. I think I'd be good at that. 
10. Erica Q. New Hampshire, USA  
    Q.  Hey Sean, I was just wondering what's your favorite song at the moment? Mine is "Time is running out" By Muse.  Thanks!
A.  The last tune that gave me goose bumps was a guitar piece by an acquaintance of mine that I've forgotten the name of. The tune that is, not him. He's called Andy. One I've been listening to and playing a lot is "Can't get off" by Chris Whitey. I'm going to see him next week! Yay!. 
11. Raychel  Long Beach, NY, USA  
    Q.  The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie is being re-made. One of your Harry Potter co-stars are in it, Warwick Davis. Are you jealous of him having a spot in your favorite, if not one of your favorite, books? Which character would you like to play in the movie if you had the opportunity?
A.  I would play a door in that movie. I was talking to Warwick about it a while ago. He said he'd get me onto the set for a tour. I think I might be too jealous if I see the set. I might start trying to take over the movie. I also worked with Martin Freeman last year and he is a perfect choice for Arthur. Was a bit confused by the choice for Ford Prefect but it'll be interesting to see Mos Def's take on it.
12. Dustin S. Seattle, WA USA 
I'm not sure what Scotland's laws are on gay marriage, but I'm curious if you approve or disapprove of gay marriage?
And lastly, I think Scottish accents are really hot so I was wondering if there was one you find particularly sexy?
A.  It's not legal in Scotland. It's a complex question and to be honest, I don't think my opinion is at all relevant. There is nothing I could say on the matter that wouldn't offend somebody.
I can't say there is any one accent that I find sexier than any other. There are certainly a few I find very funny.
13. Eve,Europe 
    Q.  Hi, I just wanted to ask you how would you describe yourself: as a person who has many friends and knows lots of people or as a person who usually hangs out with a special group of people? (I wish you all the luck at the concert:)!
A.  I do know a lot of people. There are only a few that I make a point of seeing a lot. Generally I’m a bit anti-social. Thanks.
14. Ingy =) MI, USA     
Okay I don't know if this has been asked yet but what kind (if any) of music are you guys playing in your band? And are you stressing your vocal cords? ha ha.
A.  We play whatever takes our fancy. We’ve changed the set entirely for every gig we’ve played so far. Lots of fun but a bit stressful having to learn a new set in two rehearsals. And I will be making some kind of aural noise, yes. 
15. Carol, Glasgow, Scotland 
Of all the festivals if you have been to any and concerts you have been too. Above them all which one ROCKED the most?
A.  I was at Cropredy festival a few years ago and it was awesome. I met a girl in a bar in Durham a few months later and she asked me if she’d seen me at a festival in Oxfordshire. I completely forgot where Cropredy is and said “No”. Only to realise the next day that I had. Poor girl must have thought I was just trying to get rid of her. On the off chance that she, or anyone who knows her, reads this; I’m sorry.

As far as gigs go….I’ll try to do a top 5. This is just off the top of my head.

In no particular order:    MAN – The Kite Club, Blackpool, 2001

                                 Chris Whitley – King Tut’s, Glasgow, 2003

                                 Cheap Trick – The Garage, Glasgow, 2002

                                 Aerosmith – SECC, Glasgow, 1997

                                 Placebo – Barrowland, Glasgow, 1998
16. Emma, England 
    Q.  Sean, how do you earn your money when your not acting? If with a job what job would that be?
A.  I’ve never earned any money through anything else. Maybe I should, get some life experience. It would probably make me a better actor but then I’d have to work so, no.
17. Amy, Eire 
Do you think you could have found Nemo faster?
A.  I found Nemo the other day! He’s in the Sony store in the Eaton Centre in Toronto.
18. Margo, Vancouver, B.C.
If you could create your very own "dream" band with your choice of any musicians out there, who would you choose?
A.  Chris Cornell – Vocals

Nuno Bettencourt - Guitar

Flea – Bass

Dave Grohl - Drums

19. Sam Ottawa, Canada   
Have you ever had a Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster?
A.  There was one incident in a bar in Deeping St. James…..  
20. Penny S. Canada 
Sean, when Charles II was casting, did the casting director(s) go to the set of Chamber of Secrets one day and audition a bunch of people or is it just a coincidence that there are quite a few people in Charles II from CoS?
A.  Just coincidence really. The casting directors for both projects were looking for a lot of British character actors, so it’s not that surprising that there was a bit of an overlap. There were a lot of amazing actors in both of those. Sitting in a read through with Shirley Henderson is a hell of a thing.  
21. Vince B.  Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia 
I know it's probably hard to talk objectively of a film you've worked on, especially considering your relationship with Alan, but what do you personally think of 'the winter guest' as an aesthetic? I found the photography and acting so hauntingly beautiful!
A. I was just gonna say; hauntingly beautiful. I think it’s a lovely film. Sharman’s script was superb. Acting is easy when the writing is that good. A lot of people find the movie overlong. I think it is just ‘cause it starts slowly so that, by the time it gathers pace, it’s lost a lot of people’s interest already. There’s some brilliantly funny and touching scenes in the film. It’s just a pity so many people don’t have the patience for it.
22. Sarah Mc. Missouri, USA
A while back I went to our school play of "The Crucible". It was horrible. Me and my friend left after intermission. Do you consider it rude to leave and so you stick it through? Or would you just leave if you were being bored out of your mind?
A.  I tend to stick it through. Sometimes it’s just too much though. Someone once told me that The Crucible is so good that it’s impossible to do it badly. Guess someone managed it.
23. Katherine Durrer, Los Alamos NM USA 
Have you ever done anything besides act when you were in theater productions? Do any of the other components of theater interest you (lights, sound, costumes etc)?
A.  I did the lighting for a school play once. The play sucked and I hated the teacher and most of the class, so I pretty much just turned stuff on and off at random while talking to my best mate backstage.
24. Jessi Warwick New Westminster BC 
If you were being offered two scripts that both required shooting at the same time, how would you decide between them? And to make it more interesting, let's say one was an independent short (in which you got to work with someone you really looked up to, but the pay was uncertain) and the other was a high budget feature (so good pay, but you couldn't really stand the idea of working with one of the actors/directors), how would you choose? And which would you do?
A.  It’s impossible to say as there are so many things that would effect a decision on such a matter. Generally speaking I’m not motivated by money, but then no one has ever offered me millions of pounds so I can’t be sure how I’d respond.

The script is the thing.

25. Gillian E.  Martinez, CA USA
Did you get to keep the black and incredibly snug turtle neck shirt you wore in Chamber Of Secrets?
A.  Did I wear a turtle neck shirt? I don’t remember that.
26. Kate
Sean!  I was just wondering what kind of music your band plays and what their called.
A.  At the moment we’re called “Jonny and the Robots” but that’s just ‘till we think of something better.
27. Alyssa V. MI, USA
Sean, Who ya gonna call?
A.  He-Man
28. Lynn Gull Lake, MB Canada  
    Q.  Have you ever sported a mullet? if yes, how long was the back? My friend Kam's dad has a mullet that's approaching the quarter-foot mark. He inspired this question.
A.  I’ve never had a mullet deliberately. I’ve been dangerously close through not getting my hair cut often enough.
29. Eileen Chicago IL, USA 
Sean, do you realize how hard it is for us to come up with witty yet semi-legitimate questions that haven't been asked before? HUH!?
A.  This question reminds me of a story I heard. Seemingly the question for a final exam at Harvard business school was something along the lines of; “Write a question for the final paper of a business degree.” And one of the students wrote; “Write a question for the final paper of a business degree.” And got 100% on the paper.