"Getting to know Sean"  January 2005

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board.
1. Jenn Michigan, USA      
Have you read any good books recently that you would like to recommend to me?
A.  Yes! I have recently discovered Philip Pullman. The man is a genius. I started with His Dark Materials which is absolutely stunning. I don't know why it's categorised as a children's book. It's got more depth and intelligence than anything I've read in a long time. I've just read The Ruby In The Smoke, which is the first or the Sally Lockhart novels, and it's also great. Again; pretty  full on for a 'children's' book. Page 5 sees the 16 year old heroine killing a man. From then on it's full of violence, prostitution and opium addiction. Great stuff.
2 Anna  Brittany, FRANCE     
What's your favourite Sluts of Trust song?
A.  Changes all the time. It's usually whatever one I've most recently figured out how to play which, at the moment, is That's Right... That Cat's Right. John's riffs are great. It's not always obvious how much is going on until you come to try playing them yourself. It's hard to even discern the notes sometimes 'cause the guitar sound is so filthy. Overall, I think Greatest Gift takes the prize, that is one sick jam.    
3. Carol near Glasgow, Scotland     
   Q.  Just pondering.... Do you think remakes of songs or films are a good thing? Are there any you have ever been disappointed in or are they any that you think turned out better than the original?
A. This brings me back to Sluts Of Trust actually. I only recently heard the original version of Psycho Killer by Talking Heads. I vastly prefer the Sluts take on it. There are plenty of cases where a song or a script hasn’t been fully realised by whoever did it first and people have been able to come along and improve on it. Even when the original is good, it can be interesting to rework it. Chris Whitley’s version of The Call Up, for example, bears little resemblance to the Clash song. Although, I do think that Pinball Wizard should never have been covered and Ghostbusters should remain untouched.
4. Libby H. San Luis Obispo, CA USA      
Sean, have you ever thrown hard candies at people in the movie theater?
A.  No, but I once aimed a piece of popcorn at Andrew Lloyd Webber.  
5. Nikki D Neverneverland    
Imagine you are Ford Prefect, and you are about to enter a new entry into the Guide. What English word would you use and what would you write about it.
A.  I would use the word “the” and embark on an epic attempt to define it.  
6. Tammi G  Denver, CO, USA      
How did you enjoy your recent tour in America? Also, this reminds me.  What do you think of The Joshua Tree album?
A. Wasn't really a tour but good times were had. I saw Richard Thompson, The Finn Brothers twice and Sluts of Trust five times!!  I am not actually that familiar with the Joshua Tree. I think U2 are amazing at times but somewhat inconsistent. "Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me" was my favourite track by them.
7. Human Bludger 
   Q.  I was wondering why you decided to get a mohawk. Personally I think it is devilishly handsome.
A.  I had died my hair jet black for a student film. Once my roots started showing, I simply had to cut the colour out. Thought I might as well leave the middle bit for a while. I really liked it, but I couldn’t be bothered putting it up every day so, it went.
8. Patty Parma, Ohio USA  
I just got done watching the little Trailer of Cashback that Diane posted, which to me was brilliant, but I have to ask you this.  Is there a moment in your life that you would like to pause and go about undetected?
A.  Well...yes there is. But, predictably, it's not something I'm keen on proclaiming publicly.  
9. Tammi G  Colorado, USA          
Do you ever get tired of being associated with Oliver Wood/Harry Potter?
 A.  It can be a bit irritating when someone asks me how the new film’s coming along when I haven’t worked on Harry Potter for two years. Generally speaking, I have no problem with it. Most actors go through their careers without ever being involved in something so spectacular, so I think it would be a bit ignorant of me to object to being associated with it. Harry Potter is an amazing thing. I’m not just being diplomatic here either. I’m still reminded regularly of what a unique experience it was.
10. Tammi G Colorado, USA 
There's a rumor that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is going to be released June-ish of next year. Do you ever follow the theories that are talked about on the web about the series, or do you mainly just read the books as a casual fan as they come out?
A.  I don't like to risk spoiling it for myself. I am always there on the day it's released, buying two copies. I can't wait for the sixth book. Although; we are getting pretty close to the day that the story ends. That will be awful sad. 
11. Ida & Josse, Sweden  
    Q.  Are we delusional or did we just see you on the tube in Stockholm?
A.  You may be delusional, but that's another question. You may well have seen me on the tube in Stockholm. I was there recently. Lovely city, very expensive though. I only had a few days there, I'd like to spend a bit longer. When did you see me? I wasn't filming you, was I?
12. Kim S. Clevland, OH USA 
     Q.  I always take the sorting hat quizzes online and am placed in the Slytherin house? I was just wondering if you actually had the sorting hat on your head SEAN what house would you be in?
A.  I took it a few years ago on the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Tour in California. As far as I remember, it put me in Gryffindor. I suppose it might have been quite embarrassing otherwise.
13. Lys USA  
What's your favorite Guns'N'Roses song?
A.  I was in a club in Glasgow the other night and Welcome To The Jungle came
on. It's great. I think I'd choose either that or Paradise City
14. MJ Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada       
Do you think the abundance of reality TV shows in the last few years that feature people who are not actors have had a major affect on people who make acting their career? Do you think there has been a significant decrease in the availability of jobs for actors?
A.  I think there are at least as many non-reality shows as there ever were. But
new channels are being launched all the time. I guess they need to fill the
space with something. Even if it is mind numbing crap. I think "reality" TV
is the death knell of civilisation.
15. Michele Maine, USA  
Is there any person that you would work with on ANY project they asked you to?
A.  I've already done it, sort of. I took Doctor Who without knowing anything
about the project except that it was a Douglas Adams script. It ended up
being one of the best experiences of my life.
I reckon I'd probably play any part for David Fincher. I'd also work with
Alan Rickman again in a heartbeat. ANY is a strong word though. If they had
decided to branch out into porn I'd need a while to think about it.
16. Michele Maine, USA 
    Q.  Is there any type of character or any part that you would absolutely turn down no matter how much money was offered you?
A.  Yes. Many. But to specify publicly would be somewhat indiscreet.
17. Lauren, ON, Canada 
What kind of music (if any) did you parents play when you were younger, and how has it influenced your musical tastes?
A.  My dad is into a lot of the same music as me and has always played guitar
and sang, so that was a pretty big influence. I can't imagine living in a
home that doesn't contain all the Beatles albums. My dad is the person who
got me into Man which is a very big deal. I may well never have discovered
them otherwise.
18. Lexi, Sydney, Australia 
If you were stuck on a remote Island with Diane, Paul Kelly and Mickey Jones, who would you keep alive, who would you eat to survive and who would you sacrifice to the gods?
A.  Well, Diane is a damn site healthier than Paul or Micky, so I guess she
would have to get cooked. I'm not sure what the big man would make of Paul
so.......  You know; I'm not religious. I'll keep Micky and Paul alive and cook Diane. ( I'm in so much trouble.)
19. Carol Near Glasgow, Scotland 
If you had to say what the worst thing about Scotland was, what would it be? (if anything) I would say the neds!
A. Yeah, there is a culture amongst  some of our citizens of shitting where
they sleep and harassing people. I don't think that's unique to Scotland
though. It's true all over Britain. They just don't use the word ned elsewhere. 
20. Angela S. Oklahoma City, OK
I was wondering, do you find it kind of weird to know that people are walking around with your face on their shirt?
A.  Very. I also find it kind of weird that strangers in Oklahoma City have
questions to ask me. Although; the T-shirts are particularly concerning.
Hey, I hope I'm getting royalties from those. There should be at least £4.50
to be made.