"Getting to know Sean"  April 2005

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board.
1. Eileen aka Peachers Chicago IL, USA      
When acting, does it take you a while to prepare and get into character, or can you just pop into character like that.  *snaps fingers really quickly to show what "like that" is like*
A.  Um...it depends really. If there's been a long and fruitful rehearsal period, (in the theatre, I mean. You never get that on a film) then I can get to the point where it's like throwing a switch. If there hasn't been as much time to prepare  beforehand then it's tougher on the day.
2 Angie M Edmonton,AB,Canada    
If you were a potato and you were about to be baked into a chip, what flavour would you want to be?
A.  Plain.   
3. Angelina     
Who do you fancy the most: Keira Knightley or Natalie Portman?
A. Answering that either way could get me in trouble.
4. Jenn E Mich USA   
    Q.   Hi Sean  I'm moving to Glasgow this summer, like I've said before, can you give me one thing to do while there please?
A.  Go for a curry. Glasgow, strangely enough, is one of, if not the best place
in the world for Indian food. Choose carefully though. 
5. Marianne S, Trondheim, Norway     
Went to London and saw The Girl With Red Hair on Friday 15 April. Thought you were brilliant. When I arrived at the theater you were sitting there reading your book, wanted to talk to you but did not want to bother you :( Now I of course regret not going over and talking to you:( But anyway, my question for you is what are you going to do now? Are you still going to do theater or are you going to do something different?
A.  I loved working in the theatre again. I hadn't been on stage for 5 years
before that and doing a new Sharman MacDonald play was the perfect way to
get back into it. Next up, however, is a film. Sean Ellis, director of
'Cashback', has written a feature length version of the film. It's just been
Green Lit and we start shooting in London next month.  Fabio.  I'll be in New
York this weekend (April 29) to see the short playing at the Tribeca Film Festival. 
6. Lisa, Ontario Canada the girl in the front row     
   Q.  First of all, excellent job in the show. Your level of concentration alone was impressive but the emotional depth you brought forth and sustained throughout the whole was touching. So that being said... what was your favourite part? Oh and you didn't come out to sign autographs after the last matinee show on the 16th did you cuz if so a self-inflicted shin kicking is in order... and that will take practise. 

PS. Was that Winnie the Pooh and Piglet on your socks?

PPS. That water was cold.

A.  I didn't come out to sign autographs, specifically, but the theatre has nostage door so we passed through the bar every night.  Favourite part? Tough to choose between playing guitar, snogging and splashing filthy water over the front row.  Its good to know someone was paying attention. Half the time I felt like I was putting a lot of effort into stuff that no one was seeing, so thankyou.

Yes. Yes it was. Life's too short to wear boring socks.

Got you, did I? Excellent.

7. Todd Scherr Wayside, NJ USA
Sean, I sent a 3x5 card for you to sign for my kids in January. Just curious as to how long it takes to get it back? My kids keep asking. :)
A.  Sorry about that Todd. I get a lot of mail and Ive barely been home this year so theres a big backlog. Sometimes its too much for me to be able to deal with it all. Ill keep an eye out for it though.
8. Kailene Arizona, United States  
   Q.  Did you squee like a little girl as I did when you first saw a trailer for Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy?
A.  So far I've only seen the teaser. I just felt horribly bitter that I'm not
in it. Part of me wants it to be terrible, just out of spite. I'm sure it wont be though. I'll be going to see it for sure. 
9. Camille AB, Canada      
What are 3 things that you absolutely must do/accomplish before you die?
 A.  Record an album with EDG and Masbeth
Cycle up L'Alpe D'Huez
Drive across the U.S. in an open top Mustang, listening to chuck berry.
10. Tammi G Colorado, USA 
    Q.  Are those your own clothes you're wearing in the pics we saw from The Girl With the Red Hair?
A.  No, but that is, unfortunately, my own hair.
11. Fionnuala W.  Boulder, Colorado, USA   
    Q.  Would you post on the board more often if we promised to teach you the secret handshake? Just wondering.
A.  What are you talking about? Are you in the freemasons? I don't want to be in
the freemasons
12. Carol Near Glasgow,Scotland  
Howdy Sean, when it comes to film scripts, what do you as an actor look for before agreeing to take part in a project, what does a script have to have to attract you to it?
A.  There's no particular aspect that I care about. It just has to be good, which is quite rare.
13. Carol Near Glasgow,Scotland   
In my last question I asked, you mentioned that Ghostbusters should remain untouched ,but what IF the opportunity came up for you to be part of a new Ghostbusters film? and most of the same cast from the last films where in it including the likes of Bill Murray? would you ever think of taking part in the project of a new Ghostbusters film then?
A.  I meant that it shouldn't be remade. If the original people were making another sequel, that's a different thing. I would jump at it. I have heard that a Ghostbusters 3 script has been in existence for years.
14. MJ Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada       
My friend needs a nude model for her painting class. Interested?
A.  In painting? Sure.
15. Sarah H. South Carolina, USA   
    Q.  And since I can't think of any good or creative ones, I'll just ask if you've read any good books recently that you'd like to recommend to me. I figure that's always a good question to ask because it changes, right?
A.  It does change, but for now Id still say the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman.
16. MJ NL, Canada  
    Q.  You're in Toronto again, aren't you? I didn't realize you had to be an underwear model to work at Kool Haus.
A.  I dont know if its an official policy, but it sure as hell seemed that way.
17. Maggie V-B USA, NJ  
    Q.  So you like Macca...What's your favorite song of his?
A.  UhhhhhI dunno. Solo? Probably something from Band on the Run, maybe Mrs. Vanderbilt. As for his Beatles songs; there are just too many.
18. Lindsay S NJ, USA 
    Q.  Do you ever name your guitars? If so, what are some and how do you choose the names?
A.  I dont. Ive often thought about doing that but never got round to it. I f I was gonna name one, Id have to do them all. It would only be fair. I do have a little heart to heart with my telecaster whenever I buy a new one, just to remind her that shes still number 1.
19. Amanda  Edmonton, Alberta Canada
    Q.  I just got back (k, not really just...it was two months ago...) from a four-month exchange through my uni to Dundee uni. I really miss the late-night runs to the kebab shops for chips'n'cheese...so, now I'm wondering if there's any specific food or restaurants that you miss from here in Canada? (mmmmm...timmy hos!)
A. I used to miss Reeses peanut butter cups, but we can get them in Britain now, although now that we can I seldom do.  I also miss the steaks. Its hard to find a good steak in Britain.
20. Fionnuala W. Boulder, CO, USA 
    Q.  Do you read reviews?
A.  Sometimes. I dont go out of my way to find them but I dont avoid them either. 
21. Rhiannon Moller-Trotter Westmount, Quebec Canada 
I live in Montreal, Canada, and I was wondering if you're ever planning on visiting. Or if you have, how did you like it? 
A.  I was there with Diane for less than a day last year. We just drove up to see Chris Whitley playing. It seemed like a cool place.