"Getting to know Sean"  September 2005

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board.
1. Sarah H. SC, USA   
   Q.  I saw a clip from Cashback today and I was wondering  if it was in any way uncomfortable or distracting to have to work with that many naked women?  I also saw on IMDB that someone referred to Cashback as  pretty much porno, and I was wondering what you thought about that. Personally I  disagree, because from the clip I saw it was not really presented in a  provocative fashion. There is something to be said for an unperverted  appreciation of the feminine form, in my opinion.
A.  Not at all. One of the first things you do when you start going to drama classes is play trust games. You know, closing your eyes and falling over and catching each other and the like. All that stuff teaches you to be relaxed and professional with the people you're working with, even in very bizarre situations. Like being naked in a supermarket, for example.

I think maybe that person should go and watch a real porno. No one I know who has seen Casback has had any objections to it. The girls in the film certainly didn't and none of them, as far as I know, are involved in pornography. The film certainly does celebrate the female form in all it's glory. Personally, I find it hard to understand someone who has a problem with that.

2 Chelsea C., Union City, CA, USA     
   Q.  I saw your previous answers and noticed  that you like Family Guy. I ADORE that show so I was wondering, what's you  favorite quote and character? Hmmmmmmmmmmm?
A.  Too many; but I was reminded of this one just the other day.

BRIAN: So...you're asking if they ever did an episode of  Sesame Street where the Count killed someone and then Sucked their blood for sustenance.
PETER: Yeah.
BRIAN: No. No, they never did that.
3. Eileen aka Peachers Chicago IL, USA      
   Q.  Seaniquwa, why  is it that they package CDs and DVDs so tightly, but they put light bulbs into  those thin delicate little boxes?
A. Because they F*%$ you with the light bulbs!
4. Jess M. Cuernavaca, Morelos, México  
    Q.   Ok,  based on Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy, if you had a daemon, what  would it's permanent form be and why?
A.  I kept an article from a magazine once about these house cats with leopard
spots that someone was breeding. They are the coolest looking things ever.  I'd like one of those.
5. MJ  NL, Canada     
   Q.   How cool is it to be involved with a  multi award-winning film such as Cashback?  What would you like to do  next?
A.  It's kinda weird. Cashback, the short, was something I did at a moments notice during a week off from another job with no preparation to speak of.  Cut to 2 years later and I'm at the Tribeca Film Festival seeing it collect its 8th prize in a row. A few weeks after that we're in London filming the feature. Who saw that coming?
Next? I'd like to get back on stage before too long. I need the practice.
6. Sue C, NY, NY     
   Q.  Sean,  How did you react when you  found out Santa Claus was not real?
A. What?
7. Chelsey K. Wpg, MB Canada
   Q.  Will we be able to see Cashback here in Canada? Sean can  you do anything to make sure it gets here? Also can you give us any details on  the release?
A.  The short has, I believe been bought for TV in France. Other than that, I don't know what's happening to it. The feature hasn't even been shown to any distributors yet so I have no idea where or when it will be released. And no, I don't have any particular sway with Canadian distributors.
8. Ashley N. USA
   Q.  Just  wondering, did you watch the Tour de France this year? (You seem to be into  cycling, although I'm fairly sure you don't get to participate in it as often as  you'd like to.) Who do you thinks going to step up and take Armstrong's place?
A.  My interest in the professional side of the sport isn't that great. It's pretty clear that there are an awful lot of drugs being taken and an awful lot of blind eyes being turned. I don't want invest any emotion in it just to see my favourite rider getting caught with a needle. I still watch it. In fact; I went to see the Tour at Courchevel this year, but I'm much more interested in the event for it's own sake than the result or any individual riders.
As for Armstrong; he not be gone after all. He's recently said that he might
come out of retirement "just to piss off the French". Seriously. If he does
come back to the tour, I don't see anyone getting the better of him.
9. Angela S. Oklahoma City, OK USA      
   Q. I don't know if  you had time to read the HBP but I was wondering:

1)What did you think  about it?

2)Who did you think was the HPB before you read it?

3)What do  you think is going to happen in the next book?

 A.  Fabulous. The best yet, I reckon. I found myself reading it on the train and
trying not to cry.

I hadn't really thought about it to be honest.

I have no idea where she'd going to take it. I tend not to try and predict
stuff like that. I just enjoy it as it comes.

10. Jenn E. Michigan, USA  
    Q.  Dear Sean,  What's your stance on  chips and cheese?
A.  Not a fan, really.
11. Sarah South Carolina, USA  
    Q.  So the movie  Anchorman. Have you seen it, and if you have, like it or not? And if you like  it, what's your favorite part?
A.  I saw some of it in Toronto. I liked it but I fell asleep. It was late.
12. Camille Edmonton, AB, Canada  
     Q.  Are you dead?
A.  No, but it was touch and go for a minute there.
13. Niki C  Fridley, Minnesota USA   
    Q.  I just saw The  Winter Guest and I'm curious, at the end of the movie, you just sorta walked off. Where did you go?
A.  Well, depending on whose take on it you prefer, either a) A premature grave or b) Edinburgh.  Douglas Murphy and I favoured option b at the time as it left the door open for a sequel.
14. Fionnuala W. Michigan, USA       
     Q.  Hey. How do you, as a  music fan and a generally viable human being, feel about David Hasselhoff's  arguably stellar music career?
A.  I don't know. I've never heard any of his records. I can only imagine this is a good thing.
15. Amanda K.  Bowling Green, OH USA    
    Q.  Hi  Sean, I was just reading some things on your website and I saw that you are a  fan of Cheap Trick. I have seen them about 100 million times, ok maybe not that  much. But I was wondering from one fan to another, what is your favorite song by  them?
A.  'Gonna Raise Hell'. I saw them in Glasgow a few years ago and that was their encore. It was truly mind-blowing.
16. Chelsea C., Union City, CA, USA  
    Q.  Sean, just out of my  polite mood, how are you?
A.  A bit sick actually. I haven't left the house all day.
17. Madeline K. Ontario, Canada   
    Q.  Hi Sean, I'm from  Alberta, Canada *Originally from Ontario* but anywho, I was wondering if there  was a culture/ language that either fascinates you, or that you would like to  learn about, or learn to speak it.
A.  I think I would have been very interested in learning another language were
it not for taking French in school and being bored to tears for four years.  I'm usually pretty good at picking up the basics quickly whenever I go abroad. The Czech Republic being the big exception. I was there for weeks, struggling to say hello.
18. Anon.  Regina,  Sask  
    Q.  Hey Sean, I'm from Sask. and I hear that you said you missed  peanut butter cups and steak. Aren't you forgetting something else and when are  you coming to get one?
A. Eh?  Wendy you should know better then to post anonymous.
19. Sakina R. Malaysia 
    Q.  What is the most random fact  you can come up with within the second?
A. Apparently, every Englishman is still required, by law, to practice archery for one hour a day.
Also; If a Scotsman kills someone from the isle of man (Manxman?), it's not murder 'cause there was a war that never officially ended.  Not sure if these count as facts as they may well just be urban myths. 

Homework assignment: Find out if either of these are true.

20. Penny S. Canada  
    Q.  Sean, I was wondering if you ever wear any of the t-shirts the BF crew sent you last summer? If you do, have you had any weird comments from people about them?  And if not....why not?
  A.  I have actually worn one on film.  I don't know if there's a clear view of it though
21. Sue C, NY, NY, USA  
    Q.  How much money would it take for you  to spend ONE whole day with us on the boards chatting (screw all the rocks  you're going to endure!)? I have a lot saved up from when I was a little girl,  so maybe I could persuade you, eh?
  A.  I really don't think  money would cut it.
22. Michael C Red Deer, Alberta, Canada   
    Q.  Which of  Philip Pullman's trilogy, His Dark Materials, did you favour most? Which did you  favour least? Also, Did you find the vocabulary a bit difficult when reading the  books? I had to read the first book in the Trilogy, The Golden Compass, as a  school novel-study in my English class as well as the rest of the Grade/Year 9  students and I found it difficult at times to define the terminology in the  books. Last question which is off topic, Have you ever visited West Edmonton  Mall or someplace else in Alberta? Maybe you should come visit sometime if you  haven't.
  A.  I really want to go to Alberta as I here it's where you get the best steak
in the world.
I couldn't really say which book I prefer. I think of it as one big novel. I'm surprised you get it in school, given the very significant anti-religious aspects of the book. I guess the education authorities in Alberta must be pretty forward thinking. Let's have more of that.
23. Tricia H. Montana, USA
    Q.  Sometimes I wonder if  this is really you because it's like no one that hot can have a great  personality too. I get conspiracy ready and I come on here and I find these  peoples who are really cool so I'm like who cares if your some fat old bald guy  wearing cloths for a week straight, livin' in his mothers house, sitting at a  computer while eating fried chicken and really liking all the young girls  amongst us so........  Are YOU really YOU?
  A.  Am I really me? Very good question. Maybe I'm him. Are any of us really us or are we, infact, them?  I find it strange that anyone would be impressed by the nonsense I spout on here. Funny old world, innit?
24. Carolina,  Montevideo, Uruguay   
    Q.  Which is your fave ice-cream flavour...I love Mint and  people keep telling me that's the worst flavour ever.
  A.  There's a company here called Mackie's that make honeycomb flavour ice-cream that is spectacular.
25. Eve, Europe  
    Q.  Do you have any irrational fears like  for example fear of heights, spiders, sharks etc.?
A.  The south side of Glasgow. Seriously. I know fine well that most of it is perfectly nice and that it's really not very far away from the north side, but I feel like I may as well be on the moon as soon as I cross the river. I feel closer to home in California than I do in Langside. My best friend has lived there for well over a year and I've been to visit him about twice.  It's really weird.
26. Eileen O'C. (aka Peachers) Chicago IL,USA
    Q.  Let's  pretend you somehow acquired the knowledge of the English Language, and the  knowledge using a computer that is NOT a toaster...  Have you ever written  (or considered writing) a screenplay? It's fuuuuuuuun!
A.  I've toyed around with the idea but I don't think I'm a writer. Having said that; some great writers have come to it very late in life so you never know.