"Getting to know Sean"  September 2006

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board.
1. Rachel Grogan, Melbourne,  Australia
   Q.  What tv show are you ashamed to  admit to watching?
A.  None. I genuinely don't watch crap. I think reality TV is the death of
civilisation. It does a lot more bloody harm than any narcotic.
2 An Trieu, Westminster, CO, USA
  Q.  What song is stuck in your head these days?
A.  I had Supermassive Blackhole by MUSE in there for quite a while recently.
3. Patty, Ohio, USA 
   Q.  Hello Sean, hope you are well.  We all know you love music  and we know about your acting. But what I would like to know is.. What do you  watch on TV when you have time? You have to have some kind of Shows that  interest you..
A. I watch very little TV. When I do it's mostly BBC parliament. God knows why.
It just depresses me.
4. Joli A. Honolulu,  Hawaii, USA  
    Q.   Simple question really, what is your  favorite sushi?  My absolute favorite is ikura (salmon egg, yes sounds gross  but don't knock it, til you tried it!) sushi.
A.  There's a place in Larchmont village in LA that does a spicy tuna roll, rolled in tempura crumbs that is my favourite so far.
5. Eileen O'C (aka Peachers), Chicago IL,  USA    
   Q.   Seaniquwa - Why is  it that there is Maternity Wear for pregnant woman, but no Paternity Wear for  men with beer-bellys?
A.  There is: faded Red Dwarf or Wishbone Ash t-shirts and golf clothing.
6. Rachel Grogan Melbourne,  Australia
    Q.  What was the  last...

Movie you saw?  Dead Man's Chest

Book you  read?  The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penman

Tv show you watched? The news or what passes for news in North America

Song you heard?  The last track on Revelations by Audioslave

Cd you bought?  Revelations and the first  Stone Temple Pilots album

Thing you ate? Sirloin Steak

Person you spoke to?  Diane

7. Anne Denmark
   Q.  Hey Sean! If you  could choose 5 five people for dinner,  who would it  be?  And more  importantly, why?
A.  Off the top of my head;

Michael Hutchinson (Cyclist  and author)
Hutchinson is an unusual beast: an athlete with personality. He even reads books. I've always found his honest, logical discourse on sporting matters very refreshing. I think most sports writers tend to have their heads buried in the sand.

Phillip Pullman  (Author)
My current favourite story teller in the world. I get the impression from his work that he'd be a great conversationalist and that we'd see eye to eye on a lot of things. Religion, for example.

Trey Parker (film maker)
By my reckoning, the most talented, productive, morally and politically consistent artist working in film. And funny as hell to boot. Having said that, I could be wrong in thinking that he is the real genius of the Parker/Stone partnership.

Richard  Thompson  (musician)
Nuff said.

Daniel Kitson (comedian, and playwrite)
I've seen Kitson's stand-up a few times now and wet myself accordingly, but it was seeing his one man show, Tales For The Wobbly Hearted, last year that really blew me away. I've seldom felt so many emotions in response to a performance. Seems like a bit of a snob too, and that usually makes for good chat.

8. Kathryn Maryland, USA
   Q.  What's the worst job you've ever had?
A.  I once had to spend weeks pretending to fly on a broomstick. It was deeply
9. Canadian Oilers Fan Edmonton, AB      
   Q. What type of  music don't you like? You talk about music you like but what about what you  don't like.
 A.  I don't really care about types. I could go on for days about specific musicians that I don't like but that would be a bit rude.
10. Pixxi 0 Canada    
    Q.  hey sean, i was just wondering what you  thought of the movie "Braveheart" and Mel Gibson's impression of William Wallace. Also do you have a favorite person from history and if so who and why?  Mine is Wallace, my brother-in-law traced his family history back and in some distant way his family is related to Wallace. Cool huh?
A.  Braveheart was an excellent film, I thought. Worthless as a historical document, but that's not what it's trying to be. I almost always love Mel Gibson's performances.
Rene Descartes, Issac Newton and Alexander Graham Bell are all people that I
would love to go back and meet. It's amazing how they all made huge breakthroughs, in many different areas. Doesn't really happen any more. Family trees follow the male lines, which are totally unreliable.
11. Eileen O'C (aka Peachers) Chicago IL, USA    
    Q.  Will you describe for me a typical day in the life of Sean  Biggerstaff?
A.  One must preserve one's enigma.
12. Rachel Grogan, Melbourne, Australia  
     Q.  Describe the most  boring thing you've ever had to endure.
A.  I heard a Manic Street Preachers song once.
13. Natalie,  California   
    Q.  So, I was listening to the Sluts of Trust the other day and  wondered what happened to them. I remember everyone was talking about them when  they first came out. I looked them up and noticed there's a new drummer, but  still the same sexy Johnny MacWhatsits. So what is going on with those slutty sluts?
A.  Natalie, I wish I knew.
14. Lauren, USA         
     Q.  Hi, Sean!  Do you have a  favourite song from Nirvana?
A.  Mmmm. I think Lithium is pretty much the perfect pop song.
15. Karen Glasgow,  Scotland   
Hey Sean! If you  were asked to appear in Ricky Gervais's Extras, like Daniel Radcliffe, would  you?
A.  Dan's in Extras??? I had no idea! I'm Jealous. I'd jump at it but I don't see why I'd ever get cast in it.
16. Karen Glasgow,  Scotland
Hey there Sean, how you doing? There's a lot of new Scottish bands  around at the moment... such as The Fratellis, El presidente etc... was wondering is there any new Scottish bands that you like?
A.  There are many bad bands. Here are a few that float my boat.

Union of Knives
The Martial Arts
Skeleton Bob
Uncle John and Whitelock
Jo Mango
El Dog
The Pendulums
The Metro Gnomes
17. Lizz
Sean - what's the tartan your kilt's made out of?  Basically - what clan are you from (do you know)?
  A.  Biggerstaff isn't a Scottish name. The one I wear is a Hunting Robertson which has a tenuous link through my paternal Grandmother.
18. Ingy, MI 
Next to that hawaiian shirt, what is the ugliest and most horrific thing you have ever worn?
  A.  I have a multi-coloured, tie-dye T-shirt with a huge Rolling Stones tongue and lips logo on it. I love it.
19. Holly  
If Oliver Wood appears again in the 7th Harry Potter book in a large enough role that he is put in the 7th movie would you like to play the role again?
  A.  Sure. I was hugely lucky to be involved in the Harry Potter phenomenon and my involvement ended on the best of terms. If the opportunity came up and they wanted me back, I'd do it in a second. I ain't holding my breath though.
20. Kat  Glasgow Scotland 
I'm from Scotland also. from Glasgow in fact, lol.  Okay, to my question. What is your favourite town in Scotland, apart from your home town. (eg, a holiday you've been on ... an outing (lmao) and what happened.)
  A.  A long summer sunset in Elie is my idea of heaven. I can't really explain it. You just have to go. The place got soul.
21. Shawna
So since you have family in Canada, where else other than TO have you been? Which is your favourite? 
  A.  I also have family in Regina. I think Toronto wins.
22. Lizzie Jones   
Dear Sean, I must know. were you recently (august 2nd 2006 to be exact actually it could have been the first, I don't know the exact date) on a British Airways connector flight from Paris to Birmingham then from Birmingham to Glasgow. I believe you (if it was you) were reading "Generation Kill" anyways I was sitting next to you on the Birmingham to Glasgow flight but I was too scared to ask you. if it was you then I feel stupid for not saying anything and if it wasn't you then the person next to me must have felt weird because I kept looking over at him. But if it was indeed you I must know, is Generation Kill a good book and would you recommend it? or and you must have been tired because you slept most of the way. (again only if it was truly you which I hope it was)
  A.  It was me. Don't worry about giving me weird looks. That's pretty much what people do whether they know me or not.  Generation Kill is an incredible piece of work. It is, however, (and I'm not trying to be patronising) a very graphic account of real and extremely violent events, so you should bear that in mind if you're thinking of reading it.