"Getting to know Sean"  June 2002

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board.

1. Gregorio De Guzman, Manila, Philippines
    Q.  Do you have any regrets in your life so far?
A.  Yes
2 Alanna O'Neil
   Q.   I was just wondering which type of movies you hope to audition for?
 A.  All types. That's what makes it interesting. I've played Macbeth, Tiny Tim and a gay producer and loved them all.
3. Jessica Clinton, Jakarta, Indonesia
    Q.  What's your favorite song right now and why?
A.. "Gonna Raise Hell" by Cheap Trick. I saw them playing it live a few weeks ago and I nearly exploded.
4. Mags K., Canada
    Q.  Haggis is an interesting meal. Do u eat it?
A.  I've had it about three times in my whole life. I've never been to a Burns supper.  I've never even read a Burns poem that I particularly liked.
5. Laura Alexior
   Q.  What's your fave Crowded House song?
A.  It changes all the time but at the moment, probably "Love You Till the Day I Die".
6. Jackie Renner, IL USA,
   Q.  Do you have a charity or fund you are involved with? Is there one you'd like to get involved with?
A. Equal Rights for Plagiarists.
7. Vivian F.
    Q.  Who is your favorite actor (other than yourself)?
A.  I couldn't possibly pick one.
8. Rachel, Philly, PA USA
   Q.  How much time do you get to spend with your little sister while your filming?
A.  While I'm filming she's four hundred miles away.  Lots when I am home.
9. Aarin Thoman, Edwardsville, Illinois USA
Q.  Do you prefer to act in on stage or films?
A..  When I'm doing one I miss the other but generally speaking, theatre is what it's about.  Not in terms of the outcome but the performance.
10. Karin Stuzi,  Austria
     Q.  Hey Sean, I have a question! What are you most afraid of?
A.  Easy Listening. (Music)
11. Stephanie M., Shirley, New York USA ,
     Q.  If you had one day left to live, where would you go and what would you do?
A.  I hear Brighton is lovely.
12. Lauren J., Florida USA
     Q.   What would you recommend as the best way to get into the acting business? I'm really involved with theatre at my school, I absolutely love it and am considering it as a career, but I'm not sure how to go about pursuing that. Any advice?
A.  School plays is not how you learn to be an actor.  Join a youth theatre immediately.  The odds of success are still small but they're even smaller if you don't try.
13. Tamara Tsang, La Mesa, CA USA,
     Q.  Did you stand on the glass floor at the CN Tower?
A.  I danced on the glass floor at the CN tower.
14. Laura Harvey, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England
     Q.  Quick Fire Questions
A.  Is this one of those mini psychological profile things?  Anyway...

          1. Tea or Coffee?

          2. Hot or Cold?

          3. Dogs or Cats?

          4. Summer or Winter?
          5. Smart or Casual?
          6. Home or Abroad?

          7. Xmas or Birthdays?

          8. Burger King or Maccy Ds?

          9. Pepsi or Coca-Cola?
        10. Soap or Shower gel?
             WHIPPED CREAM
15. Jessica Clinton, Jakarta, Indonesia,
     Q.  Umm..urm...can you tell me how to get to sesame street..?
A.   Second star to the left and sideways' till Tuesday.