"Getting to know Sean"  August 2002

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board.

1. Amy S., Georgia, USA
   Q.  I was wondering what type of guitar do you prefer?
A.  I have a lot of guitars but my pride and joy is probably my Telecaster.
2 Nita, Philadelphia, PA, USA
   Q.   Can I have your left ear? Oh come on, you still have your other one! Please?
A.  I already promised my left ear to Paul Kelly for his "celebrity body parts collection".  Sorry.
3. Julie K., Richmond Heights, OH, USA
   Q.  Sean, what is your favourite Beatles song?
A.. I could never pick one but I have had "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" in my head lately.  Side 2 of Abbey Road is, in my opinion their finest hour but that doesn't really count as one song so...
4. Carrie G., Vancouver, B.C., Canada
   Q.  Hey Sean, I'm a Canadian and I was just wondering what was your favourite thing about Canada while you were here?
A.  Canadians!!!!
5. Tamara
   Q.   When your filming a movie, how long do you work each day?  In the
evenings, do you and the other cast members go out often?
A.  I work long days but most of the crew work far longer.  I need a lot of sleep so I don't go out much.  I if did I'd be in no fit state to work.
6. Caitlin Z., Michigan, USA,
   Q.  Why are you a roaming badger?
A. How long is a piece of string?
7. Lindsey J, Colorado Springs, USA
   Q.   Sean, you're frickin' hilarious! I was just wondering what your favorite comedy movie is? You're a great actor and I hope we see more of you!
A.  Ghostbusters.
8. Ashley M., New Jersey, USA
   Q.  What was the first song you could play on the guitar?
A.  "Scentless Apprentice" by Nirvana
9. Vanessa G. New Jersey, USA,
   Q.  Okay. I'm really curious and I know this is trivial but...what's your favorite color?     Dumb, but I still want to know.
A..  Polkadot
10. Nicole R., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
   Q.  This is a pretty stupid question, but I was just wondering if you were
trapped on a desert island, what 3 items would you take with you
A.  A guitar, a CD player and a speedboat. 
11. Jen. McD
   Q.   Hiya!!! So, I know you play guitar by ear but, have you ever
thought of writing music and songs or can you not do the notation?
A.  Why do you need notation to write songs?  Do you think Paul McCartney could read music in the 60's?  Anyway, in answer to your question I would like to write songs.  I've written a few but they suck, these things take practise.
12. Dominica S. Ormond Beach, Fl, USA
   Q.   I was just surfing the web when I stumbled across your web site. It is pretty impressive I must say. I was reading your bio and I am really impressed by the first paragraph. You really are an amazing writer, any ambition in writing?
A.  Maybe
13. Micha, Toronto, Ont. Canada
   Q.   So how'd you like that LEAFS game, eh?
A.  It Ruled!!!!  North Americans have a far more interesting way of presenting team sports.  It beats football any day.
14. Sam A., Boonville, Indiana USA
   Q.   Sean, you seem like you have a pretty good sense of humor. I was wondering if you are, by any chance, a fan of Monty Python. If you do like them, do you have a favorite sketch of theirs?
A.  Possibly The Upper-class Twit-of-the-Year Competition.          
15. Kelsey S., Forestville, New York USA   
   Q.   Hey what's your favorite Man song? Mine would probably be Spunk Box. Sure
not a lot of singing but the guitar and the melody is pretty cool and catchy.
A.   Spunk Box is actually called Spunk Rock.  The record company felt they had to censor the title, then they changed the wrong word.  Read Deke Leonard's book "Rhinos, Winos and Lunatics" for more info.  I don't know what my favorite Man song is, it changes all the time.  This week it's probably "Brother Arnold's Red and White Striped Tent".
16. Lola M, Texas, USA 
   Q.   Do you like keepin your hair short like that or do you cut it because it looks good on screen?
A.   I usually have shaggy hair and a beard.  This is not a fashion choice, I'm just too lazy to go the barbers and I hate shaving.
17. Diane F. Toronto, Ont, Canada

  Q.   Sean I haven't been able to get my Spideyman powers working.  Any
suggestions how to get them working again?
A.   Dip your hands in syrup.