"Getting to know Sean"  October 2002

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board.

1. Erin B., Canberra, ACT Australia
Q.    Hey! Just curious, are there any directors that you would really like to work with?
A.    David Fincher, Wes Anderson, Harold Ramis, Barry Sonnenfeld, Terry Gilliam, Jay Roach, Joel Coen, Woody Allen, Christopher Nolan, Michael Boyd, Ivan Reitman, Richard Donner, Micheal Mann, Kenneth Branagh, Steven Spielberg, Trey Parker, Etc. Etc. Etc.
2 Kathryn, Michigan, USA
Q.    Since the Harry Potter books are so widely read and loved and most fans had/have distinct expectations about the films, did you feel any pressure to portray Wood in a way that lives up to the image of him that the fans had in their minds?
A.    There is no way that I can get into the minds of everyone who read the books, so all I can do is play him in a way that seems right to me.  At the end of they day, worrying about it won't help.
3. Natalie Z.
Q.    Sean, I was just wondering, what was your favorite scene to film in Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone? (I mean, which specific part)? Please, let me know! Thanks!
A.    Wrestling with the bludger was fun but very painful.  The next day I woke up with bruises all over me and I could barely walk.
4. Rachel G., Australia
Q.    What's your favourite thing to do when you have a day off (aside from sleeping)?
A.    Play guitar and eat several lunches.
5. Ida P., Varberg, Sweden
Q.    Do you only play guitar?
A.    No.  I also play the fool.
6. Dragon, A Cave in Florida
Q.    If a new Hitchhiker's movie is made, would you audition, and if so, for which part?
A.    I don't know.  I'm probably too young for the main parts but hey I'd play fourth alien to the left in scene 7 to get on that film.
7. KtDiD, Georgia, USA
Q.    Hey Sean, have you ever changed a diaper?
A.    No, but I've changed a nappy.
8. Leia K.T., Minnesota, USA
Q.    Don't judge me. Actually, you're quite free too. I'm quite obsessed with coffee. I was wondering, how do you take yours? (Psst...white sugar: evil.)
A.    I don't anymore,  I went cold turkey a few weeks ago.  I was far too addicted.  Cold sweats, nausea and headaches if I didn't get it, that sort of thing.
9. Emma H., Peebles, Borders Scotland
Q.    Hey I was just wondering if you would ever consider moving to live in America (as many actors do) or London inorder to get more acting roles or are you happy to live here in Scotland?
A.    I would never move to London full-time, not sure about America.
10. Danielle A., Missouri, USA
Q.    Now that you've finished 2 HP movies, do u think you would have enjoyed playing Percy Weasley more or would you still choose Oliver Wood?
A.    It would have been fun dyeing my hair and putting on the accent but overall I'm happy with Wood. 
11. Holly E, Glenrothes, Fife Scotland
Q.    How do you handle spending so much time away from your family and friends?
A.    I hate it.  I'd like to fly everyone I know around with me.
12. Keren, Oxfordshire England
Q.    What genre of film that you would like to act in next, horror? action? would you like to do a comedy?
A.    Roman epic.  Someone has to make a good one.
13. Rachel B., Newcastle-upon-tyne, England
Have you ever read something in the media about yourself that was totally outrageous?
A.   I once read in a newspaper that I am from Milngavie.  OK, not outrageous but still not true.