"Getting to know Sean"  February

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board.

1. Clara S, Somerset, UK
    Q.  Can you tell us the story of how Mickey got to play your guitar? Or did you acquire it after he played on it? :confused::
A.  I had a guitar modified to match his as Iím such a geek. A friend of mine who helps run Manband.net then managed to get in touch with Martin Ace and asked him to ask Mickey if he would play my guitar on stage to sort of christen it, which he did. It ruled.
2 San, Vancouver, Canada   
   Q.  Star Wars or Star Trek?
A.  Star Trek, but only the films, not the series.
3. Meryl H.  Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sean do you like The Simpsons?
Do they even show it in Scotland? The Simpsons is absolutely my favorite show in the world! I bet if you were to play any character on The Simpsons, it would be "Grounds Keeper Willie."
A. Yes they show it in Scotland, and yes, I love it.
4. Katie P. Fowlerville, Michigan, USA   
    Q.   What's your favorite Austin Powers movie if you have seen them? I love the second one with Fat Bastard and Mini-Me. And the song Just the Two of Us...
A.  The first without question. It was brilliant and I felt the sequels were
just milking the money cow. Still worth watching though.
5. Katie B.  Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA  
You said in an interview that you saw RENT while you were in the US. This is my favorite musical of all time and I was curious what your opinions were?
A.  I enjoyed it, which is odd as I hate musicals. I still had issues with some
of it but, basically, I liked it.
6. Meryl H.  Los Angeles, CA, USA  
Did it ever feel uncomfortable swearing and saying private information in front of your parents and everyone else while you were filming the Winter Guest? (I just mean his
A.  Well the private information wasnít mine, it was fictitious, so that didnít bother me, and my parents werenít there watching me anyway. Alan Rickman and everyone else involved made sure that we had a very relaxed atmosphere during filming so we felt fine about whatever we had to do. Also, Douglas and I were pretty much able to forget the camera was there most of the time, which is something I find harder now than when I was 13.
7. Camille C. California, USA  
If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would that person be?
A.  Someone who is starving. I think Iíd be far more appreciative of what Iíve
got if I could truly empathize with someone who has nothing.
8. Stephanie, Sutton, MI, USA   
Out of all the places in the world that you have not been, where would you like to go?
A.  I saw The Two Towers again the other day and New Zealand looks absolutely incredible.
9. Justine C.  
   Q. Hey Sean, I was just wondering what your dream car would be?
 A.  I donít really like cars, so anything big enough to get a P.A., a drum kit, a few guitars and amps and several people in to it.
10. Rachel G, Melbourne, Australia 
    Q.  How would you feel if someone made a doll/action figure of you?
A.  Everyone I now has said that they hope there is one so that they can use it
as a voodoo doll, so...scared.
11. Samantha W. Ottawa, Ont., Canada  
    Q.  Do you still get told to clean your room?
A.  I donít think you ever stop getting told to clean your room.
12. Lanette J.  USA
    Q.  Sean, I have a question for you: I read somewhere that you don't have a middle name, and I was just wondering if it's a family tradition or some sort of Scottish custom, because I don't either, nor do a lot of my Scotch ancestors...Just wondering. Thanks.
A.  My parents just didnít see any need for another name.
13. 13. Sarah W.  Kentucky, USA  
    Q.  Sean, what would have to be your all time favourite cartoon?
A.  I couldnít say. Right now Iíd say Family Guy, but that may just be a phase.
14. Nikky K.  Melbourne, Australia
    Q.  What's the best practical joke you've ever played?
A.  I faked my Death buy cutting off my head and leaving it on the kitchen table.
15. Molly P.  
    Q.  Sean, was there a BBC Production filmed in your house?
A.  ďChewing The FatĒ filmed several sketches at my house and one of the ďTartan
series of short films was done there as well.
16. Julianna B. 
    Q.  Hey Sean, I was wondering when's the next time you plan on coming to Canada? The next time you do, you must come to Niagara Falls preferably during the summer. You came to Toronto I read but the Falls you have yet to accomplish. You are definitely noticed over here as well. My school paper just did a whole page article on you! I was very pleased.
A.  Iíve been to Niagara Falls twice. Last time I went to the Casino.