"Getting to know Sean"  April

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board.
1. Ashley M., Kettering, Ohio USA
If you could do a collaboration with one band or musician who would it be?
A.  Man Man Man
2 Mary Clare C. Jersey, USA    
Hey Sean, in your opinion, who are the greatest one-hit wonders of all time?
A.  I'm not up on who were one-hit wonders. I'm more of an album guy. The Groundhogs had one hit, but I don't think you count as one hit wonders if you also have 4 successful albums and a career spanning 5 decades as well.
3. Cheri S. Merced, California, USA
What one fear do you have that you just can't seem to get rid of?
A. I'm very camera shy.
4. Rachel G, Melbourne, Australia    
    Q.   W
hat song is stuck in your head at the moment?
A.  "No Chance" by Soundgarden.
5. Anna, France   
Do you have your driver's license?
A.  Only provisional. There's no point in me taking a test 'cause I can't get insured to drive a car.
6. Camille Edmonton, Canada  
   Q.  Sean, What are your feelings towards beans and toast?
A.  I'm all in favour.
7. Ingy S. Michigan 
What is your favorite tv show, if you have one?
A.  Too many to list. I really enjoyed Eurotrash tonight.
8. Bliss D.  A Cabin in the Woods   
Do you happen to have a spare rear derailleur? If you'll send it to me to replace my broken one, I'll promise to quit having those blushy fantasies about your cousin, Gary).
A.  Buying one would be cheaper than sending it, and I have no objection to you
fantasizing about Gary.
9. Melis, Toronto, Ontario   
   Q. Must. Know!  Who's your favourite Toronto Maple Leaf?
 A.  Gary Roberts.
10. MJ  St. John's, Newfoundland Canada  
    Q.  I was just wondering if your plan for your web site is to play with the minds of your fans, eventually brainwashing them and using them as your army of little badgers to take over the world????
A.  Yes!
11. Leia MN, USA 
    Q.  Do you know how very cool Diane (webmisstress) is? Do you? DO YOU? I'm done.
A.  I'm well aware.
12. Katie P.  Michigan USA
     Q.  I was wondering if you would ever host an episode of Saturday Night Live
A.  I would but I doubt they would ask me.
13. Chelsea B., Ontario Canada 
    Q.  If you had a chance to form an instant friendship bond between someone you weren't close with, who would it be?
A.  Douglas Adams.  Pity he died.
14. Jennie C.  MN, USA
    Q.  I was wondering, what do you think is the best job in film making (besides acting) and why?
A.  I think being a camera operator would be really great.  They actually physically shoot the film and it'd be interesting being that hands on.
15. Jenn H.  Sylmar, CA USA 
    Q.  Hello Seanus. Some of My fellow chatting badgers and I were wondering a little something. We would like to know if you actually ate the detestable Broccoli soup you accidentally ordered, or if you just sat there like a dork and didn't touch it?  Also what was you thought you had ordered?  Thank you. Have a peachy keen day!!
A.  I did eat the soup.  Waste not want not and all that.  I thought I was asking for directions to the local taxidermist.
16. Alex, Toronto, Canada  
    Q.  In your COS DVD interview, your tie is crooked. Can I fix it please? It's been bugging me from day one.
A.  No!  That's my style!  Down with the status quo.
17. From Penny, Dragon, Leia, and the rest of the chat gang.

     Q.    A few of us would like to know if you managed to kick the coffee habit?

A.  Pretty much, I drink mostly decaf these days.
18. Leia MN, USA

Brief Either/Or Questionnaire for Sean.

Live in a treehouse or live in a houseboat? Houseboat
Live in the Australian Outback or the Brazilian Rainforest? Rainforest
Own a boa constrictor or a giant tarantula? A squirrel
Say "marf" or hug a lion? It'd have to be the lion.
Own an Italian villa or a renovated castle? Castle
Gadgets or Gizmos? Gizmo is a cooler word.
Whosits or Whatsits? Whatsits
Be transported by way of mo-ped or gondola? Gondola
Give up music or give up shelter? Give up shelter!
Whipped cream or chocolate syrup? Chocolate Syrup
Normal goats or dancing goats? Depends.  If we're talking Scottish Country Dancing then I'd take the normal.  But the tango...
Hats or woks? Woks
Telephone or e-mail?  Telephone