"Getting to know Sean"  May

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board.

1. Sarah D.
    Q.  Have a question. When you take public transportation (as in the
bus). Has there been a regular boy who goes "Hey Harry Potter Guy" and you
respond with "Hey Spiky-Haired Kid?" Just a question.
A.  Not quite sure how to put this other then to come right out and say it.  No
2 Natalia D.  San Antonio, Texas, USA  
I dunno why, but i have a thing for cheese. What kind of cheese is your favorite cheese? Why I ask? I have no actual reason.
A.  I love cheese, everything from gouda to stilton.  If I have to choose a favourite I'll say parmesan.
3. Annie W.; Lake Mary, Florida, USA
Which of the following do you consider to be more important when it comes to getting roles in films and such?: Luck, talent, or looks? And you can't say it takes a bit of all three because then I'd have to hunt you down and force a straight answer from you.
A. Going on my career?  Luck.
4. Camille, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 
    Q.   What is that smell?
A.  My parmesan.
5. Jasmin H.  Sacramento, California, USA
There is a lot of gossip about your 'sex life', how do you feel about that subject, do you get tired of your business being put out to the world or did you expect that to happen since you are a actor?
A.  It's annoying that people try to find out that stuff but so far I am not that bothered as none of the very personal stuff that's been printed about me is at all accurate.  It's when they get the truth that I'll start worrying!
6. Jessica
   Q.  I have no questions, I already know everything...
A.  Do you know what kind of bike race I did last night?  See, you don't know everything.
7. Dragon, Florida, USA 
   Q.  Have you read any Heinlein?  If so, any particular favorites?
A.  No I haven't actually.  Maybe I should.
8. Anna, Paris, France     
What is the last album you have bought?
A.  Euphoria Morning by Chris Cornell.
9. Hannah B. Caribbean     
   Q. I'm here listening to that song by Joan Osbourne, 'One of Us', 'n there's that part where she says 'What would you ask if you had just one question?' (if you could ask God, that is). So Sean,  if you had the chance to have just one of life's big questions surely answered, what would it be?
 A.  Where do all the biro's go?  For that matter, what about the plectrums?
10. Nance 
Hey Sean, what are you up to these days? We haven't heard much from you lately. Going to school? Looking over scripts? Audition for plays? Marfing around?
A.  Mostly trying to find plectrums.
11. Titsy M. California, USA 
    Q.  Sean what is your credit card number?
A.  4543 0590 0051 7... WAIT A MINUTE!
12. Lindsay S.
What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?
A.  Probably "The Real Ghostbusters".  These days I tend towards South Park and Family Guy.
13. Lee R.  Orlando, Florida USA
    Q.  Do you speak any other language? if not which one would you like to speak?
A.  I speak fluent nonsense.
14. Trevor F.
Other than "Bitch" (hee hee) in one word how would you describe Diane?
A.  It's an impossible task but I'll have a go...  GOLEAFSGO!!!!!!!!!  I'm cheating, I know.