"Getting to know Sean"  July 2003

These questions were gathered from Sean's Message Board.

1. Heather T. Yukon, Oklahoma, USA 
Sean, out of all the words you say which one is your favorite?
A.  Sausage
2 Marlena R. New York, USA  
How do you stay focused on your filming when you are having a bad day?
A.  If I'm having a bad day if generally helps to have something to focus on so it's not a problem.
3. MJ, Dublin, Ireland 
   Q.  When in doubt, use Titsy's approach!  So Sean, What's your mobile number?
A. 1-800-Not-Likely
4. L.C. Niagara, Ontario Canada   
When in Niagara Falls and you went to Casino Niagara did you win at all?
A.  I went during the day, lost a fair bit then went back at 3:00 a.m. and won it all back.  There were two guys sitting next to me who had lost $25,000 and they weren't rich people either, that was a bit worrying.  
5. Alex Thomas, England, UK
   Q.   How do you eat your porridge? I'm from somewhere near Inverness, and I eat it the British way with syrup, strange question, but curious...
A.  I don't eat it very often, but when I do I tend to add some syrup or honey.  I know you're "supposed" to eat it with just a little salt but to hell with that.  
6. Ingy, MI, USA    
   Q.  Do we know what the meaning of life is yet?
A. I rock, therefore I am.
7. Tweety, Europe
   Q.  Have you read Order of the Phoenix yourself and what did you think of it?
A.  Yes, I have.  I thought it was fantastic.  Harry just being a grumpy teenager was interesting.  I think the Goblet of Fire is still my favourite though.  God knows how they'll fit either of them into a movie.  
8. Amy H., Finland   
   Q.  Hi Sean :) I just wonder, if you could have one superpower (invisibility, ability to fly etc.) what would it be and how would you use it?
A.  Flying would be right up my list, but I think the greatest power would be to be able to open those little single serving milk cartons/creamers without spraying some on yourself.  
9. Chelsea B  Arizona, USA       
   Q. What is the best movie quote of all time?
 A.  "This reminds me of the time that you tried to drill a hole through your head.  Remember that?"  "That would have worked if you hadn't stopped me."  Best of all time is going a bit a but far but it's one of my favourite.  Do you know what it's from? 
10. Tara  USA 
    Q.  Sean, just wondering, what is your favorite Neil Finn song? Incidentally, I like your shirt in the Shada interview.
A.  I like it too.  I can't remember what I was wearing but I'm sure it was impeccably stylish.  I couldn't pick one Neil Finn song.  "Try Whistling This" is probably my favourite album
11. Kaleigh R  Canada 
    Q.  Sean, would you be willing to be greased up and chase a volunteer to prove the quote "There's narry a creature alive that can outrun a greased Scotsman!" (Groundskeeper Willie) true or untrue? It is in the pursuit of science!
A.  Done it before.
12. Guinevere  NJ, USA
     Q.  How do you take your coffee?
A.  Because I like it.
13. Alix N  South Carolina, USA
    Q.  Do you sing in the shower?
A.  I sing everywhere.
14. Alix N  South Carolina, USA
Camille  Edmonton, Alberta
Emma S  Fredericksburg, New Brunswick
Alex K  Toronto    
     Q.  Sean, could you arrange for us to borrow the Dr. Who telephone booth so that we can kidnap several characters from 19th century Romance novels, namely Mr. Knightley, Mr. Darcy, and Gilbert Blythe?
A.  Yeah, sure.  I'll just a have a friendly word with  
15. Kaleigh R  Canada
    Q.  Sean, What did you want to be when you grew up, when you were very wee (before you wanted to be an actor)?
A.  I'm not really sure.  I started acting at the age of 7, so anything before that is a bit hazy.  Maybe a fireman like dad.
16. Cassandra D.  Imperial Beach, CA, USA 
    Q.  I am this big surfer I surf everyday, and I am hoping to go to pros. I was wondering if u have ever been surfing? And if you did what you thought about it and if you didn't, do you want to?
A.  I've never done it.  Wouldn't mind having a go as long as there are no sharks.
17. Mandi K  Chelmsford, MA, USA 
    Q.  Do you, Sean Biggerstaff, wear your sunglasses at night?
A.  I have been known to wear them in a nightclub, but not very often.  I don't go to nightclubs very often as they bore me.
18. Allie Douglas  Belfast, N. Ireland  
    Q.  Have you been to any music festivals this summer?
A.  No. I haven't really liked the look of any bills.  There are a couple yet to come that I might attend.  
19. Alexandria Z. Ontario, Canada  
    Q.  Does your conscience like to talk to you? What does it say?
A.  It drops in occasionally and says things like "You know you're not supposed to go in there.  What if the priest see you?" 
20. Mary Clare C. New Jersey, USA 
    Q.  *walks over in a waitress apron and whips out a pad of paper and a pen* So how do you like your eggs?
A.  Sideways with a twist of lemon, served on a bed of rocket with a raspberry jus.  
21. Jenny W.  Apex, NC USA
    Random Questions for the Badger:
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
Blueberries or Strawberries? Strawberries
American Football or Baseball? Baseball
Conan O'Brien or Carson Daly? I've never seen Carson Daly so I'll go with him. 
Brains or Beauty? Do you imagine for a second that I'd be happy with just one or the other?
Cars or Trucks? Never thought about it.  I guess a truck would be cool.  
Action Adventure or Mystery? Mystery
Most Creative late at night or mid afternoon? Late at night.
Jeans or Khakis? Jeans
Mountain or Beach? Mountain
Top 5 places you want to visit? New Zealand, French Alps with my bike,
Sweden, Hell ( The town in Canada), Los Angeles. Just making this up as I go along, these are very definitive.   
22. Alison B. Ealing, London 
    Q.  Are there any albums in your music collection that you may be slightly (or very) ashamed to admit ownership of?

Also, PLEASE tell me I'm not going crazy, and say you were wandering around Leicester Square today (Wednesday 23rd July), and it wasn't just an evil London
twin you may have? Of course, if you say yes, I'll be kicking myself for
years for not saying anything to you and just staring dumbly.

A.  I did buy "No Fronts" by Dog Eat Dog, but it went in a burglary.  

Yes, I was.. Managed to resist the temptation to wait around and throw myself at Reese Witherspoon.

23. Aimee
    Q.  I was just wondering, would you ever consider growing you hair as long as you have it in that pic? I really think you should.
A.  I'd love hair like that, but my hair doesn't sit right for it.  I considered keeping the wig.
24. Stephanie  CA, USA 
    Q.  Sean, as you may well know the Tour de France is happening right now....and since you are an avid bicyclist, I was wondering who is your favorite rider?
A.  I've completely lost interest in professional sport.  It's hard to be impressed by people when you can't trust them not to be doped up to the eyeballs.  Cycling is not unique in having a serious drug culture, it got a bad name because people were getting caught. The reason they were getting caught was that, unlike many other sports, cyclists have to take blood tests.   The way I see it, drugs are what happens when you mix sport with money.  I think sport should be amateur.   Professional sport isn't about sport, it's about profit.   I could (and have done) go on about this for hours, but I'll spare you.  I'd sort of like to see Armstrong win this year and next just to finish the story, but I am not all the interested.  I would advise anyone who is interest in pro sport to read "Rough Ride" by Paul Kimmage and "Breaking the Chain" by Will Voet.  *Note - Armstrong did go on to win after the same day Sean answered this question.
25. Diane F.   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Q.  So was Glasgow and Sean able to survive the evil web mistress's visit?
A.  The city is wounded but recovering, although another visit may be in order as I have run out of Great Canadian Bagels.

*Or Sean you could come to Toronto and eat as many chocolate chip bagels as your heart desires and then take some home.  Diane