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Musical Interests -

Besides acting, music is a big part of Sean's life.  Sean started playing the guitar at the age of 13 and has learned to play by ear.   He has acquired a few guitars over the past few years and takes pride that his guitar idol Micky Jones of Man has played his newest one (see pic below of Micky playing Sean's guitar).

761.jpg (135071 bytes)

Some of Sean's Favourite Bands include:
Chris Whitley
Man ( for those fans in Toronto, Sean was at Sam's on Yonge St. and says those Man CD's better be snapped up by his next visit.)
Neil Finn
Cheap Trick
Rage Against the Machine

Shots By Sean     (click on image to see collection)

Sean also makes photography another hobby of his.  He has provided us with some of his shots taken while vacationing and/or working.  We will update where they are all from a.s.a.p.