Welcome to Sean's official website...  

Sean wants this to be a place his fans can come together and as he puts it "hang out, bitch about films, and mull over the pro`s and con`s of life as a badger". 

Sean currently uses his Diary located below to communicate with fans.  He also reads messages posted on the Message Board whenever he can.  Many comments have already been sent to this site and passed along to Sean.  Due to overwhelming fan response Sean is not able to personally respond to all your e-mails.

Webmaster's Warning:  According to his Aunt Wendy, Sean is "very down to earth and has always been quite a gentleman" He also has a sarcastic, cheeky side but don't get your "knickers in a twist" trying to understand him. Here is a site to understanding Glaswegian Slang (new link), it might help you translate his 'Scottish slang' into everyday English.   


Sean's Diary & Updates
Sean Biggerstaff